Ar @ Ta/m

Girls aren’t getting off to a good start. Haven’t hit a three yet and shaky on defense. They miss Daniels.
Down by 10

Big time.

The most consistent thing about the ladies in the Neighbors era…

Is that they are inconsistent

They always have a punchers’s chance with the way they shoot the 3, but…

They won’t be able to go to the next level until they can defend and rebound better

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Nice run!

They had been doing a better job defensively, lately, but tonight they aren’t doing as well. Regardless, they are still keeping it close.
They just look out of sync tonight.

Coach Neighbors in the coat and tie…

I assume he is doing that as homage to Gary Blair?
I missed the start of the game.

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These two announcers are top notch. Better than most of the ESPN dudes doing mens games.

I hate to listen to the announcers! Especially the retired Georgia coach.
He’s about like listening to Bill
The hogs will get it going.

Can’t buy a 3…

Or a rebound!

I refuse to listen to Walton.

So far this doesn’t look like the same team.
They aren’t doing well with the 3, really getting out rebounded, and shaky defense. Inside and out.
I love watching the girls play and I really like this team. They’re gonna have to get their act together in the second half if they are gonna have a chance to win.

Totally different team without Daniels… just no real flow to the offense

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Yeah that ain’t happening his brain is so fried from all that weed… he just babbles throughout the game… amazes me he has a job

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Coach Neighbors needs to light a fire under these gals at halftime.
I haven’t always got in to the girls basketball, but I started paying more attention when Jimmy was hired but really got in to it When the UA hired Neighbors. I’ve never seen Mike get out of sorts on the side line. He is the most calm, collected coach I’ve seen. Not a complaint, mind you, just an observation. Maybe others see it differently.

DEFENSE!!! when your shots are not falling you have to ramp up your defense. They are not showing a very strong effort on defense. I see alot of heavy feet, leaning and swatting.

I have to agree. Getting pushed around and just don’t seem to be putting in the effort

And all of a sudden they have woken up!!

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Pace is picking up for Ar. They like to play fast. Hopefully the momentum is swinging our way.

He should be sent to Hawaii to stay and never get another job.

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