AR / LSU SECT game

I would certainly be much more confident if Toney were healthy and playing. It is hard to doubt this team, they just seem to find a way.

I would be pretty confident if Toney was 100% healthy. We will have to play well (not great) to beat LSU. I will be happy (not euphoric) if we beat them. I despise Wade, so that will make me happy if he loses. I will always root for whatever team is playing Wade. I will not be very upset if we lose to LSU without Toney. A blow-out loss would upset me a bit.

We are just a 2 point favorite in Vegas. I’m guessing we would be a 3-5 point favorite if Toney had not been injured.

The more I’ve thought about the close road loss road to TN without Toney playing a minute, the better I feel about this team. TN is considerably better than LSU.

Muss has this team ready for a run in the NCAA tournament regardless of what happens in the SEC Tourney. 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 3-0, it’s all good!


I suspect Wade will use the same gameplan that he used at BWA and trap JD every chance they get. I wonder if Muss will consider moving JD off the ball to counter that? Make Devo and Lykes the primary ballhandlers on offense?

That’s a possibility to have JD cutting & coming off screens to get the ball. But something tells me Muss might save that option for SEC final if needed & we in it or NCAAT if needed.
Keep something in his back pocket.

I’m not too worried about the SECT. Wasn’t too worried about it before Toney got hurt. If we win we’re a 4, if not we’re a 5. Meh. 4s and 5s can both lose early if they don’t take care of business. They can also blow out their opponent. Hope we win, not concerned if we don’t, as long as Toney can go next Thursday or Friday.


Yes, its very difficult to beat a good team 3 times in a single year, but we have done it before. If memory serves our last or next to last year in the SWC we beat a good Texas team 2 times in the regular season and then met them again in the NCAA and whooped em good. I think that was also the year we had the “Strollin with Nolan” game. So we done it before and we will do it again. I’d be tickled cardinal if we could actually beat LSU 4 times in a season (2 regular, 1 SEC, 1 NCAA) wouldn’t that just really give those crazy cajuns a reason to be ragin’ at Will “SAO” Wade.

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I remember feeling the same way about beating Texas 3 games back in the MayDay years. We did. We’ll beat LSWho as well.

I disagree, we will have to play Great to beat LSU with their size and length. They have the number one defense in the country. Toney had 18 points in the last game,where are those points going to come from? I think the best chance of us winning is to keep the game in the low '60s with incredible defense because I don’t think we’re going to do much on offense

I had thought about that and that’s what I would do but I haven’t received any phone calls so we will see

I think the Hogs have a tough road t go without Toney if he doesn’t play against LSU but we can do it because their weakness is our strength…Guard play and I think that wins out in the end.

And by the way the REAL Fish…is a Hog Fan…



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Our hogs have already beat LSU 2 times! The hugs can get r done again.
LSU might get a lead no matter what the size of the lead they lack discipline and will have turnovers and poor shots that will keep you in a game. Rebounding is what it comes down to!
Toney does make a huge difference. The hogs can win without him! Take care of the ball and don’t allow too many offensive rebounds.
I’m hoping Toney is able to play but not if he’s not healthy.

Haha exactly!! Can’t imagine a player or fan not caring in these situations. Our season isnt on the line yet, but everything else is. Call it bragging rights or whatever you want. I mean I’m not a hateful guy but I hate those teams. Let’s get some momentum going it’s March baby!

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Now that Auburn is gone, I really want to win. Time to send Wade packing.


Finally we hit

Need to put a body on pinson he’s getting in the lane very easily

Just move the ball guys we don’t have to settle for a 25 footer you got plenty of time on the clock get a good shot and we will be fine they are very aggressive eventually someone’s going to get open

Take it inside draw the fouls while the refs still using whistles


Defense is starting out aggressively! Good sign.
Tony is looking good as well


Yes he’s moving very well and very aggressive like always he’s a great player

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It looks like LSU would foul the mail man! Keep racking the fouls up!