AR Dem Gaz naming top 10 Hogs in NBA

Anybody care to guess who they are? They’ve already named Oliver Miller 10th and Joe Kleine 9th.

I pick these:
8. Either Ronnie Brewer or Andrew Lang - I don’t think I’d pick either of these over Kleine so maybe I’m missing something… Bobby Portis maybe after the reasonably strong start he’s had?
7. Darrell Walker
6. Ron Brewer
5. Patrick Beverly
4. Corliss Williamson
3. Alvin Robertson
2. Joe Johnson

  1. Sidney Moncrief

Other possiblities: Scott Hastings, Sonny Weems, Todd Day, Lee Mayberry, Tony Brown

BTW, nice story on Big O. He’s lost a lot of weight and they had unbelievable pictures of him from 2018 and 2020.

Your list looks about right to me.

They might flip flop Johnson and Moncrief due to longevity.

I’m glad they are doing the countdown. Brings back wonderful memories.

Remaining 8

Johnson, Moncrief, Robertson, Ron Brewer, Day, Williamson, Walker, Beverley

Another that could be on list is Alvin R.

Do you already know this to be correct or did you just get Beverley right?

After looking at Day’s stats I see that he is the one I left out. He actually had 6 seasons (almost 7) averaging double figure ppg.

Here is No. 8, Patrick Beverley:

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No it was a lucky (I would like to think it as educated) guess.

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I’m going with Beverly as No. 8.

Only thing I’d change would be to swap Ron and Corliss’ spots. Corliss was a 16 year contributor with 15 solid years. Ron played only 8 years and averaged less than 1 point per game more than Corliss. Big Nasty was also a solid “off the bench” NBA rebounder.

I also feel Sid had a higher quality career than Joe, but joe’s longer, very solid career would probably give him the overall edge.

Both good points Harley. Corliss definitely could come ahead of Ron. I remember Ron as the starting SG for the Portland Trailblazers and how he regularly used to score in mid 20s to 30. Since your post, I remembered Corliss was once 6th Man if the Year and that may very well tilt it in his direction.

As far as Moncrief, that could and probably will happen. It is a Democrat Gazette staff decision and I could definitely see them favoring Moncrief over Johnson.

I see Todd Day made the list. Until I read the article, I didn’t realize his pro career was as successful as it was.

What a college player!

Reading that he is now 50 years old, made me feel old.

I’m going out on a limb and say Ron Brewer will be No. 7 and Todd Day No. 6.

Kind of sad Lee Mayberry didn’t have enough stars to make this list. First round selection by Milwaukee, Lee’s unselfish play just wasn’t eye catching in NBA. Passed on way too many shots and it made him look passive. Never averaged more than 5.8 pts per game in his 9 years in NBA.

Several years ago I spent some time with a retired NBA great. He had a lot of respect for Alvin (on the basketball court).

And he spoke a lot about Joe Kline.

Whenever I read about Alvin I remember a great blog post from SeattleHog.

I sure miss seattle and his stories. Recently I opened his blog and noticed he’s not posted there in a couple of years.

My NBA buddy and I talked quite a bit about that UNC - Arkansas game in Pine Bluff. That February day in 84 goes down as one of the finest days in my hometown of Pine Bluffs history.

Thanks for that link Marty. What sweet memories.

I am actually disappointed with Kleine’s performance in the NBA. He never averaged double digit in points and 7 rebounds a game is the highest he achieved any year.

Drafted as the sixth pick, I had high hopes for him to be high scoring NBA center, given that he had a very good with a midrange jump shot and post up jump shots.

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