Ar Basketball and Covid

There was a nice segment on the 5:30 NBC news this evening.
Talked about the precautions that the men’s and women’s teams have installed to try and eliminate as much exposure to Covid as possible. Very informative and impressive segment. Said that even with all the stringent precautions, there was one athlete that tested positive in the past couple of weeks.
Was proud to see the recognition for our programs.
Coach Muss and Neighbors are doing a excellent job!

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A friend just called to tell me about this. However, she said it was CBS. Maybe she was wrong. Anybody got a link to the video?

I know for a fact it was NBC. It was on KYTV, (Directv). Our local channels are out of Springfield Mo.

Here you go…

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I saw it too and looked for a link. I couldn’t find it at the time, but I quit searching.

It is a nice piece.

Thanks for the link, Longtimehog!

Thanks for the link. That was good and very good pub for both programs

The real story is at least the entire men’s basketball team had COVID over summer. That is one way to control it, Wonder if it was planned or just happened.

From what I heard, PJ is correct. Most of the men’s team has already had Covid. I don’t know about the women’s team.

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