April Fool’s Day announcement

I actually expected a lot of AF coaching names popping up all over the place. Seems no one think’s it is funny.

However, I did see one - Mike Balado - 5 years/$50 million, I bet Jonesboro would be happy


I have not been contacted

They contacted me … but it was to ask me for money

Ask me for money. Good one. Is Jeff long still up there?

You mean you didn’t hear?

KS and AR has decided to swap AD’s. Long is bringing Bret back to coach the men’s basketball team. WPS, can’t wait, poaching the Patriots. Can’t go wrong can it? :smiley:

Bobby Smittle (aka Hognoxious – the original) is the new coach

Bobby would get T’d up at least twice per game and never be on the floor to see the end. Just get a good set of assistant coaches.

Bobby may be on the obnoxious side, but he is never dirty. He does have an infinite variety of (clean) bad jokes. Example from this last weekend: Did you hear that the man who stole my diary died? My thoughts are with his family.

He would certainly bring the passion and have plenty of technicals

Jon Gruden.