April 1 Came and Went

I was wondering if there would be any April 1 notes in relation to Petrino yesterday. There were not. I’m sure many do recall that April 1 was the day the motorcycle went in the ditch. I almost asked Bret Bielema yesterday if he planned to ride any bikes yesterday when we visited during practice. I did not. Kinda wish I did now.

Well, if he had, he could have taken his OWN wife to be the hot blonde, so I guess that would have worked out just a little bit better.

I remember that April 1 in 2012. When I heard the news that Petrino had been in a motorcycle wreck, I said, “You know what day it is?”

The events of the next few days sucked about as bad as it gets. IMO

Yea…that was like a bad dream. Did that really happen? Razorback football and basketball seem to be under a black cloud. Basketball is trying to emerge from the depths. Hopefully, it will be good again. Not great, but good.

Thank goodness for Dave Van Horn. The guy is a rock. He reminds me of what John McGraw was like, according to the history books. He is a great coach. Wonder why he never tried the big leagues?

The main reason jhawg is that van Horn is very, very serious. Some in the MLB don’t go in for that kind of seriousness.

I remember there was speculation about a female riding with him and I said no way with him being the most visible person in the state. I said he would never be so stupid.

Famous last words, right, Richard? But I had thought the same thing. I didn’t understand why reporters were asking if he was by himself. And then the bottom fell out.

Stunning. Shock couldn’t describe my thinking when the word got out.

I thought Petrino was the most organized and detailed guy I had ever seen. It seemed he had every minute planned. And, he did. I was stunned, and very disappointed, he was able to find time to carve out a secret life that seemed contradictory to everything he was preaching to his players.