Appropriate Credit Where Due

Hard to beat a team with 85 scholarship players when you trot out +/- 50 (I’ve seen everywhere from 48 to 53). At some point, even if you are landing punches they can throw more at you.

It is odd that I am thankful for SEC officials. If we had normal incompetence this game would have been an easy UA victory. But, Pac12 incompetence means it went 3OT.

Shout out to a boatload of players who contributed their best action of the season (sometimes, the first action of the season):
Harper Cole (two great ST plays…while we beef about the botched onside kick, did anyone remember his two fine plays? Not bad for a ST mercenary)
Ty Washington - gave us good reps at TE
Sategna, Mbake, Cole, and Jaedon Wilson at WR - Wilson looked quite good
AJ and Rubinion have probably groused about wanting more touches, and then they get ALL the touches. Good job of stepping up
3rd team OG, E’marion Harris - played really well. I never felt he was the reason that a play failed
Jayden Lewis gets his first reps of the season in the bowl game. At nickel, I think. Didn’t look out of place
Paul and Crooks remind me that our LB crew is lightyears ahead of where it has been, most years, in the SEC
Cam Ball looked like a beast in the making at DT
I was surprised to see Landon Jackson at DT some, but with more weight his bend and length will make him a handful there

That is a lot of guys who don’t play much (Jackson being the exception) who contributed a lot of meaningful plays tonight. We got to see why the future is bright.

A special thanks to: Dalton Wagner and Dorian Gerald who came back for super senior and super super senior season AND bowl game. Great to see you on the field much of the game, and going out a winner.


I would add that Arkansas made plays when a close game was on the line, after everything had seemed to unravel. That has been an issue this year. It might only be against Kansas, but that could be an important hurdle cleared for the players who will return.


I listened to Sams presser. He made a lot of good points. The kids that dressed out tonight laid it all on the line. I was not happy about the onside kick debacle but Sam laid out the reasons why it happened. Not enough practice and several new players on the field affected special teams. The players gave it their all and in the end, that was enough for the win.

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Good points by both of you.

A lot of guys stepped up who haven’t seen a lot of action at all this year.

I will add Max Fletcher to the original list. He hasn’t held on FG’s/PAT’s all year, but did so tonight. When we scored in OT and needed the PAT to tie, the snap wasn’t the best, but Fletcher corralled the snap and got the ball upright for Cam to push the ball through the uprights and extend the game. It wasn’t mentioned on the broadcast because it was just one of those plays you expect, but for someone who hasn’t been the holder all year, it was a big play.


Great point. When we DON’T talk about a player they often are doing really good work. Its like the CB whose name is never called - maybe its because they have their WR locked down and they never get a look.


I second the remarks here. Lack depth allowed Kansas to make a come back along with Hawgs playing more conservatively. Considering the incoming recruiting class is rated better then prior ones, we have to develop them and get them on the field asap. Talent is better.

Lot’s reasons to be negative but we won and we played hard. Many times this year that was not the case.
We finally started fast and ended up scoring inside red zone at the three yard line numberous times. Defense played better. Good way to end a bad year. Hard to see Rocket and Ty Crawford miss a chance to play as well.

Excellent post.

I appreciate all the guys who finished the season and didn’t QUIT.


Did the Arkansas coaches take the foot off the accelerator too soon in the 2nd half (same as CSP acknowledged doing against OM), or did this young team not have enough gas in the tank to continue playing at that same pace & too reliant on our depleted defense?

In this game, we saw first hand how bad the refs can be in dictating game outcomes. CSP & our coaches should recognize by now that the refs will never do us any favors & that becoming conservative & playing not to lose often does not work. We should continue to run up the score in efforts to not lose a game - as we almost did last night.


I noticed that too. Good hands by the Aussie, and he did have a couple of good punts. He’ll have to improve in the spring to keep his job but props for his contribution last night.


The depth issue on defense (all year) has to be in the back of the mind of the offensive staff. If you score quickly you are putting your defense back out there for more carnage. On the surface, the rebuttal is, “but we scored!” Sometimes, that is counter-productive. Burning clock is the better strategy as it rests the defense, keeps them off of the field, and thus shields them from injury (more likely to get hurt when fatiqued).

Of. course, we didn’t have a lot of depth anywhere except OL (where we played six, but had 3-4 others most of us wanted to see).

His first punt was a return to his early season form. I hope he gets his act together for next year.

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We have that transfer coming in from Northern Colorado who just might take the punting job.

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Hopeful that the mass exodus, especially on defense, will correct itself with the new DC & other S&C overhaul. Would expect that HY will or has already addressed concerns about the large volume of outgoing portal transfers with CSP in the offseason. If the right personnel & positive team outlook, we should be able to build more depth & improve our recruiting.

Maybe HY is congratulating Sam for getting rid of some locker room issues.


According to former UofA FB players now living here, the S&C locker room issues & needed changes were long past due.


Any additional info?

Good commentary.

Two notions to add.

First, I don’t know that HY is worried about the portal numbers. It is normal, now. Our basketball coach and baseball coach are far more aggresive on players coming and going, or so it seems. He may see the larger picture of culture + portal being combined to improve culture quickly.

Second, I bet there is a robust competition for punter this spring and the winner gets the scholarship and the loser finds a new school.

Muss is MADE for the Portal, DH seems to be handling it well also. Jury still out on Sam.

We went 3 and out 4 times in a row in the 2nd half trying to play bully ball with an offensive line not built to play bully ball. Defense got no rest then. Not playing to your team strength of being multi-dimensional on offense is a worse strategy.


I wouid like to hear more on this if you don’t mind.

Thanks in advance.