Appreciating Rocket

We know he’s good, but Rocket is on pace to finish with the third most rushing yards in a single season at Arkansas, second only to The Man Himself in 2006 and 2007.

He’s averaging 124.3 yards per game through seven.

That puts him at 1,491 yards for the regular season, and 1,615 with a bowl.

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Was he hurt, dinged a little? Why the gap and not on the field? Fumble??

But yes off to a great start through 7 games…

I think the plan was to play him early and play him late. If so, it worked out beautifully. Good job by AJ and Rdub to keep it moving, while the Rocket was refuelling.

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Sam said in the press conference afterwards that it was “coaching.” Said he fumbled and wasn’t hitting the hole, and he needed to think about it for a minute. Which was obviously the right move.


Sam said he was trying to get his attention he did not think he was hitting the hole like he should and he had also fumbled so they just wanted him to take some time and think about it and get himself together and he obviously came back with great effort as he always does


Rocket had a good game after the fumble. Dubion and Green had good games too! The RB room is full of talent. I sure hope he breaks the single season rushing mark!


@hawgjawbend suggested benching Rocket to let him think about the fumble. Sounds like Sam listened and it worked.

LOL. From my lips to Sam’s ears!!


Rocket is #3 in the nation in Rushing per game…averaging a very healthy 6.2 per carry as well.

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So Brett is 6-1 with the nations leading rusher?..

Funny what happens where you’re not playing an SEC West schedule…


The SEC smokes the Big 10!
It would be possible if Green and Dubion had more Carrie’s they would be able at up the list too.

He is representing that # 5 very very well. I bet DMac giving a thumbs up to.

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