Apple Watch Warning

Toward the end of regulation I actually got a warning on my Apple Watch, that it had detected a potentially hazardous elevation of my heart rate.

Gonna have to put some kind of link in there to lock that out during Hog games.

I didn’t need a watch. I looked at Wife and said I’m either gonna throw up or pass out.

The way it used to be— nothing accelerates my heart like hawgs ball— which we saw tonight!! Nolan I’m sure is proud

My wife told me if I did not calm down I would have a heart attack.

Like old times. Love it.

I was at the game. Afterwards, I exclaimed, “I’m completely worn out.” It takes it out of this old man to play the whole game and an overtime, even if it’s as a spectator. GHG!

I used to laugh at old timers who would say they felt like they were wore out after a comeback game like yesterday! Now I know exactly how they feel. Some times I have to pause the game and go outside for a few minutes. The ticker don’t take the stress as well anymore. What a job it is to be a hog fan! Love it!

I dealt with the stress for most of the game by playing computer games with one eye on the TV. But the last two minutes and overtime I abandoned the computer. I bet my heart rate monitor, if I’d been wearing it, probably would have said the same thing Scott’s did.