Apparently our ad in the Omaha paper

Wasn’t seen as successful in some quarters. I’m not sure why we ran that, either, to be honest. We had plenty of our own fans there. But still…

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We ran it last year, maybe even the previous trip. As far as the red pups, feed em fish heads.

Well, one thing I’m certain about: they’ll never run an ad in the Omaha paper asking people to support them in the CWS.

Arkansas has had a similar ad in the OWH each year the team has gone since 2012. I think it is good marketing. Arkansas has done something similar for bowl trips. When the Razorbacks won the Liberty Bowl over Kansas State, the athletics department rented space on several digital billboards around Memphis thanking the city for its hospitality.

I thought it was ironic that so many of them were paying close attention to our games & even knew of the ad in an Omaha paper. I no longer visit their board, but someone sent me the link. Thought I’d link it here to both note the ad comments & again show just how much their fans love to hate everything Razorback.