Appalachian State cuts three men's sports

Men’s soccer, tennis, and indoor T&F.

Here is a link:

Cutting indoor track is fairly meaningless. It will save some travel costs to meets but those athletes will still have outdoor track scholarships. But we’re going to see a lot more of this and eventually the Power Five schools will become involved.

I hate to see this, but I’m afraid we’re gonna see more of it. I agree with swine about the indoor track. Not sure how they’re saving much money with that. Soccer I understand a bit more. They can get rid of all the coaches & eliminate all the scholies. No travel costs, no equipment costs, no revenue.

There are going to be a lot of schools eliminating men’s and women’s sports, due to financial conditions.

I suspect most of the cuts will be to the men’s non-revenue sports. Title IX will make it hard for them to cut women’s sports.

Some schools have more Title IX problems than others. One factor is the proportion of women in the undergraduate student body. Appalachian State is 57% women, which means they have to run women-heavy on the athletics side. Baylor is 60% women. That is one of the reasons that Baylor has opened an engineering school - to bring in more male students.

I’m sure that’s true, but I’d think more would tend to cut some of the men’s sports first unless they’re way ahead of the Title IX requirements.

Some schools have announced they are cutting departments. Just the way it is today. None of those schools were from P5 conferences though.

Akron eliminated two men’s sports and one women’s sport. UW-Green Bay and East Carolina got rid of both genders in those sports (tennis at UWGB, tennis and swimming at ECU). The other sports I’ve seen dropped were men only.

Can those student athletes transfer to other schools that are still running their respective sports with immediate eligibility? I would think so.

Yes if your school drops your sport you can transfer elsewhere and play immediately.

My grandson has an academic scholarship to App State. Hope they don’t start cutting there.

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