Apologies to Ethan Henderson.....

no he’s not a finished product, but I said “He can’t play, no instincts - all he can do is jump.”

Well he can dunk, and he showed me some toughness and ability to rebound in traffic.

Hope he stays.

You don’t give up on a top 100 player after 1 year. CMA has been saying all season Henderson shows flashes at practice, it’s just about getting consistency from him.

Everybody looked good tonight. Not trying to start an argument, but there’s a few of us that’s been telling you guys all year long the offense looks better without Gafford, that doesn’t mean Gafford isn’t a great player, but he clogs the lane, notice when Chaney is in that 5 spot we’re more perimeter oriented and the lane is more open for drives and kick outs.

Let’s not go crazy now. Providence did not impress me at all and the metrics show we were much worse with Gafford on the bench. There were exceptions such as the UK 1st half and other examples.

It was fun to watch all the cutting and backdoor cuts.

I thought Henderson looked great early, then got tired late in the 1st half and started reaching instead of moving his feet. In the 2nd half he played pretty good and had the great finish, then missed the two easy ones around the basket. I am looking forward to see what he looks like after an off-season in the gym and weight room.

I apologize to all of the kids, very impressive tonight