AP rates top FB programs of all time ...

And Arkansas is No. 21. Rankings based on poll appearances, championships, etc.

Ohio State No. 1, Oklahoma No. 2, which surprises me.

Here’s a link:

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … e-top-100/”>http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016/aug/02/razorbacks-among-best-aps-all-time-top-100/</LINK_TEXT>

Cool; I suspect the Hogs would have been near the Top Dozen before HDN and the SEC.

I think maybe we might have moved up a couple spots, but we were not a powerhouse in the SWC. The school I think is most out of line is Florida State. I can remember when they could not beat Tampa U, and until Bowden got there, they were not a very good football program. Of course, it has been since.

Bowden got to FSU 40 years ago, so I think we can go ahead and give them the credit they deserve. FSU went through a period of finishing AP Top5 for 14 seasons. Goodness! Can you imagine?

I like how AP did this. It’s all empirical data. This isn’t the opinion of a few folks. This is an aggregation of data they’ve compiled over multiple generations. For the Hogs to be in the Top 25 with having never one an NC … that’s pretty dang good, especially when you consider big program lulls in the 90s and early 10s.

Getting the same number of points for being ranked #25 in the first poll of the year as being ranked #2 in the final poll of the year seems a little off to me.

I concede that point, actually Florida was not all that good until Spurrier came along.

Not sure who came up with the points system, but they better lay low if they have to go thru Alabama. I’m sure the mouth-breathers are in an uproar over being ranked #4.

Probably a typo – Arkansas was a powerhouse in the SWC for three decades, 1960-1990. Those years got the Hogs this ranking. 2 down years in the 60s, 4 in the 70s, and 1 in the 80s. 7 SWC titles that I recall. Back then there were 4 major bowls on
New Years Day, the equivalent of the CFP or BCS. The Hogs were bowling in those games 12 times – compare to the 1 BCS appearance in the last 30 years. The 70s was the worst decade in terms of won-loss and bowl appearances, but that’s when the Hogs ranked best in the AP. Year-in and year-out, Arkansas and-or Texas were always contenders for the SWC championship, the other faces changed over the years but usually A&M, Houston, Baylor, SMU.

Your points are valid, I guess I just cannot forget that Texas overall has a edge on us in games between the two schools.