AP poll is out

Arkansas is No. 20. It is the Razorbacks’ first time in the poll since November 2016.


As most have said many times, you win with this kind of a schedule, you will climb every week. A 4-0 September might push the Hogs into the top 12.

Texass is 35th and 36th in the two polls.

Very cool that we are 2 spots ahead of Auburn!

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It’s fun being relevant and rated again. We play several SEC teams that are very beatable. UGA and Bama probably aren’t absent something really strange happening. We need to stay healthy. It’d be nice to beat both MS schools, AU, MU, AM and LSU. All of them are certainly good enough to beat us, but not so good we can’t beat them. I can see us getting 4 wins out of those 6 if we stay healthy and don’t make stupid mistakes


Woo-hoo. i was thinking Top 20 was about right but hoping for a couple of spots higher.

I’m not sure the Hogs are better than Aubie or a deserved of #20, but yesterdays defense was really impressive. Gotta be impressed with the upward trend of these Hogs since 2 seasons ago.

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