AP poll is out

And Hogs are in it.

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Arkansas is No. 24 this week. Missouri fell to No. 20.

Cool. You posted it before ESPN did. The 2 losses last week dropped MO all the way from 10 to 20. TN also dropped after their road loss to LSU, but only 3 spots.

In the NET, San Diego St moved one spot ahead of us, while they are one behind us in the AP.

We should be a 7 seed(or possibly 6) tomorrow in Lunardi’s bracketology.

Since I’m rather bored this morning, I’ve been refreshing the AP site every few minutes until it popped. No sign of the coaches yet.

I’m thinking an 8, 7 at the very best. We were 33rd on his seed list Saturday morning; a 6 would be 24th or better and a 7 would be 25-28. I don’t think we’re going to move up that much based on one game.

I was thinking more along the lines of the huge number of votes we got (from 3 to 111). Also our 6 game SEC winning streak probably got some national attention from voters. I never thought with just 3 votes last week we had any chance to crack the top 25. Maybe this was our coming out party.

I just looked at the list of coaches who vote. Nate Oats at Bama is the SEC rep on the poll; I’d think he’d give us a nudge because it makes his team look better for beating us. Also George Ivory at UAPB and Darrell Walker at UALR (although they have Darrell listed at ASWho). Might have been Darrell who gave us the 3 points last week (which would be a 23rd place vote).

Coaches poll now out. Went from 3 to 32 points which was good for 28th place, so not ranked.

I’m a bit surprised, but Kudos. They really do value MO, or maybe just two really tough road wins. I agree that I doubt we come it at a 6 seed. I expect a 7. Beat FL, though, and the sky is the limit. Could see us up to 5 before the weekend. Just keep winning. One game at a time. No bad losses.

I agree…we just need to win. We are not a lock, so we need to put the petal to the metal.

I’d say with six SEC wins in a row the pedal is already floored. Need to keep it there.

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Interesting number of wins. We would most likely have 17 wins if we had played Tex AM. There is only one team in the top 25 with more than 17 wins…

What’s up with Loyola (IL) at 0-0 and in the poll?

Obviously they’re not 0-0. They’re 18-4 even though they lost to Drake yesterday in overtime,

AP, 3 of our 5 losses were teams above us in the poll. Add another in the Coach’s poll as Okla State is above us there. Says to me we are playing well within our competitive zone. Now, just need to win the next game. I live in Florida. My son-in-law is a graduate of their grad school. One game at a time, just one game at a time, but I really want to beat Florida.

What a joke. They shouldn’t even be ranked. They definitely were not deserving of the #10 ranking last week.

Loyola’s record is 18-4. It isn’t correct on the AP site.

You might be right about being ranked too high last week, but I don’t agree Missouri should not be ranked. That’s a top 25 team, in my opinion. with several quality victories.

They beat Illinois, they beat Bama, they beat Tennessee and they beat Oregon on a neutral floor. And us at BWA.

If there’s a team or league that’s over ranked it’s the Big 10! Missouri busted Illinois and look what the committee and AP think of the fighting Illini
The SEC may not be lead by Kentucky but it’s obvious there’s football fatigue and the AP voters don’t respect the conference as a whole.
Our hogs don’t have a true point guard!
We struggle because we’re too soft. We played exactly zero quality teams in the non conference schedule and we got pasted at Bama and LSU! Pay back and revenge bearing those 2 might be what it takes to erase the black eye that’s on our resume. The Tennessee loss was close the hogs couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean.
The same can be thought about the home loss to Missouri. There’s 2 losses that stink! The injury to Justin Smith Smith isn’t brought up much by announcers so they fail to pay attention. Maybe the committee will get the info and pay attention to the complete body of work with Smith and give a break. too the hogs for those games without him. We aren’t a blue blood so the hogs have to earn it.

I watched the Mizzou-Illinois game. Mizzou squeaked it out by 3 at home. That was the game that tipped me off that Cuonzo might have a good team up there.

Illinois is #5 in NET with six Q1 wins, including one at Duke before their season went south. I think they’ve earned their reputation.