AP poll is out

Got votes this time, but nowhere near top 25. 34th to be exact with 19 points. Indiana is 38th with 5 points.

Just win and forget the polls! Next season play a tougher non conference schedule that’s the only thing that could help. Auburn hasn’t played a tough schedule either and look where Lyjng Bruce and Auburn are ranked!

A. They’re coming off the Final Four.
B. They haven’t lost.
C. Their schedule is still significantly tougher than ours has been.

I had thought #25 at best and about #30 at least. Guess a little off from what the “rankers” say. Wait another game or two and we hopefully will move up… Go Hogs

Sagarin has our schedule strength at #238, along with no wins over a Top 25. So, #34 is not so bad and not too far off the #26 NET Ranking…and if it stays that way, probably Tourney worthy.

They did about all they could with this schedule. Now stay healthy and win 12 in SEC and they will like where they are headed.