AP Poll - Hogs 33rd

Terrible non conference schedule! That’s the real story. The hogs need to win several more games.
The loss to Vandy on the hill was a pure stinker! You can throw Hofstra into the mix for a stinker too!

Played our way out of the rankings and now we just have to keep playing our way back in.

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The huge game is Georgia on Wednesday. Gotta get past that game and not lay an egg. This team has no margin for error. None. If they are thinking about Auburn right now, their priorities aren’t in the right place.

Yes. Pair that play early in the season with a tougher non-con schedule and they’re likely in a deeper hole. It’s not the schedule, it’s how they played.

Maybe, just maybe, a tougher schedule forces the coaches and team to reevaluate/make adjustments a littler earlier, but still more likely there would be a few more L’s in there too.

As much as I despise LSU and Wade, I’m glad they are still a Top 25 team…it’s our biggest win and the only thing on our resume that shines right now.

Looks like Tenn will hang on and beat A&M at home. So, Volunteers will be 6-3 in conference after tonite’s win. Arkansas needs to keep pace by winning tomorrow nite against Georgia.

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I’m looking ahead to Auburn. But I’m just a fan. Muss won’t let his players. 100% focus on Georgia. as it should be.


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