AP Poll - Hogs 33rd

39th in coaches. It’s gonna take about four more wins, like Auburn and Bama back to back, to get consideration

Somebody please explain ?

Win 6 in a row; beat LSU in BR, same record as LSU, better conference record

LSU is still ranked ?

Hogs are not even close ?

I do not understand college basketball I guess.

I know we lost to Vanderbilt, etc, but when did the rule become that makes subsequent wins irrelevant ??

There are 10 ranked teams with 16-5 record or worse …… but Hogs are not even in the same realm ?!?

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Our strength of schedule was horrible in non conference. Steadily climbing and will continue to do so.

To document your point, LSU is 4-4 against Q1 opposition (not including us) and 8-5 against Q1-2. We’re 1-3 vs Q1 and 6-3 against Q1-2. However, we have seven Q1 games remaining; LSU has 4, which does include us.

We lost to Hofstra, too.


Rather depressing stat. 21 games in and only ONE Q1 win. Sigh.

Still plenty of opportunities ahead w/potentially 7 games against Q1 opponents.

Was hoping Cincy might move up to a Q1 win, but nah.

Bearcats have same conference record (5-3) that Hogs do in a much weaker conference.

Basically we’re getting zero help from any of our non-con opponents so far.

Hopefully Huggins can pull his team together and W Virginia can start winning some conference games again. That would certainly help.

We’ve only had four chances: at LSU, at Moo U, at TAM, and OU at Tulsa. But Auburn, Bama, Tennessee twice, LSU, Florida and Kentucky are all Q1 for now. Of course, where they are in early March is what matters. It would be nice if Cincy or K-State won a few games and moved into Q1 for instance. Or WVU as you noted. Like if they beat Bayluh tonight.

Cincy did us a disservice by beating Illinois. Would have been much better for us to beat Illinois ourselves.

Yep, that would be nice if WVU sprung the upset tonite. If AJ Cryer for Baylor is out again, WVU might have a chance to pull it off. W Virginia is the best non-con opponent we played for sure. But they’ve been mired in a losing streak. But, If there’s any coach out there that can pull his team out of the dumps and winning again, it’s Bob Huggins.

Oh yeah the Illini dropping the ball against Cincy was a huge missed opportunity for Arkansas.

I’d say OU was better than WVU, since OU just beat them at Morgantown. Cincy probably was too.

As was mentioned, we lost to Hofstra.

At home.

They are 13-8.

We just have to keep winning.

Maybe there is ranking if win the next 3-4.


Got to make tourney. We should always make tourney.

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My worthless opinion is Muss has to schedule WAY better non-con and not play anyone even remotely good in LR…ever.

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It would also help if we’d quit going into the tank in early January.

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I might give you OU, but Cincy ehhh…

So true.

Given how the season started pretty rough, and the start of conference play was a disaster; I’d say the goal is simply to make the ncaa tournament and perhaps win a game or two. That keeps the program trajectory moving upward. Next season, with the serious basketball talent we got coming in coupled with most of the underclassmen returning (fingers crossed!), it’s on.

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we were ranked top 10 preseason

but when we lost 5 out of 6, the “experts” lost faith in us

gonna take at least 3, and probably 4 more wins in a row to have that faith restored

and the fact we only have one Q1 win isn’t helping

hopefully that will be rectified going forward

the game coming up against Auburn is HUGE… it’s as close to a MUST win for Arkansas as it gets