AP final poll oddities

Only one state had three teams in the final top 25 ranking this morning.

It wasn’t Florida, which had zero for the first time since 1978.

It wasn’t Texas, Michigan, Ohio or North Carolina (two teams each).

It wasn’t California or Louisiana (one each, neither one in the Power 5).

It was Utah. Every FBS team in the Beehive State finished in the top 25.

Speaking of Texas, the Aggies are the first team to beat Alabama and finish unranked since La-Monroe in 2007.

The final poll did not include Auburn, Florida, Free Shoes, LSU, Miami, Nebraska, Penn State, Tennessee, Texas or USC. How many times has the final ranking not included any of those? Never. In 1951, only one of those 10 finished in the ranking, but this year, zip.

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That last statement is mind boggling!

It felt every bit of an odd season. The opportunity to slide into a place of power is there for us. Can we capitalize on it? That’s the question.

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