AP drops Hogs to 17th in latest poll

Moved Iowa, and Houston ahead of us. Actually jumped Iowa 8 spots! I guess they were listening to all the ESPN and CBS sports guys loving on #5 seed Iowa. Several had Iowa in their final four! They did move TN to 5th, which is probably where they belong.

UConn, who Arkansas could play on Saturday, is No. 21. That would be a fun one, but first things first, obvs.

Yes. Both teams were hot the last 3 weeks of the regular season and both went 1 and 1 in their conference tournament. Should be a really good game, if it happens. I’m rooting hard for NM St.

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thing is, I’m not really looking for really good games in the ones we play. I only want to be entertained by the Hogs winning easily, if not by big margins. Now, the other games, I’m all about close, tight matches, outcomes only decided within last couple minutes, seconds of the game.


Amen to that. I never want to see a “good game” when we are playing if the alternative is us kicking the other guys butts. :slight_smile:

Give me a Missouri game in 1993 (93-94 season) any day!

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That Missouri game was a blast to watch! The hogs were ready to play and play they did.

I was there. Mercy I’m getting older, :smiley: :smiley:

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