AP All American Team, no Burks

Hard to believe there are better WRs in the country than Burks. Didn’t make any of the 3 teams. That’s saying 9 WRs are better than him. No way.

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too much politics in all of this type stuff

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Yeah. I don’t think there are 9 better, either. I’m not sure any are better.

There is no surprise in that. After all, he wasn’t even a semi-finalist for the Biletnikoff award.


leaving him off totally takes away any validity for the teams.

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If you are first team All-SEC, you should be one of top nine All-Americans.


Hard to believe.

This tells me the all-America team selectors went strictly by stats rather than skill levels. You don’t need selectors to do that. You can pick teams by computer.


Absurd, Treylon Burks will prove a whole lot of people wrong if he stays healthy. All I can say to Burks is hang in there payday is around the corner and thank you for being here through the thick and thin !!! WPS

I can tell you from being in the room for the Football Writers All-America selections, that stats are a part of the discussion. It’s important. But it’s not the be all factor. I do think there is a bias against loading up players from one conference. The committee is built around regional balance. That factors into the actual vote because those voters have not seen all conferences. They see the teams the team they are covering plays. For example, I can’t spend a lot of time watching Pac-12, Big 10 and ACC games. I seem to watch the Big 12 more than the others because those teams interest me, but by no means am I watching all teams around the country. Just not possible. So what are you going to base your opinion? For me, it was how strong did those guys perform against the best competition. And, what does the Pac-12 guy on the committee say to back up the other candidate that I did not see.

I can say that from the FWAA committee (and I stepped away this year after five years of giving up four hours on Sunday afternoons in November) there is a heavy move towards having some balance on the team. So you probably are not going to get all of the SEC players on the team that I might think deserve it. The Big 10 rep probably feels the same way. I would usually have no real clue about how the Pac 12 players might compare because I didn’t see them. I’m exhausted at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night. I might watch an odd Friday game (and the Pac 12 tends to like those), but I didn’t see a whole lot of their games.

The FWAA committee takes a lot of time and preparation. I did not take my job lightly. It entailed putting together a list of SEC players to nominate for first team All-America. There was a vote for first team. The second team was not voted on. Phil Steele and Kirk Bohls picked the second team and it was usually a reflection of what regional dominance existed on the first team. In other words, if the first team was loaded with SEC players, the second team might not be loaded with SEC players. That was never discussed, but that’s what I saw happen.

I can’t speak for the other processes for picking All-America teams, only the FWAA.

Interestingly, I asked to be a committee member a few years ago when the FWAA did not pick a tight end on their team, with the prevailing thought that it was not a good year for tight ends and it was a really good year for wide receivers. That was the year that Hunter Henry was the first team All-America on every other team and won the Mackey Award. It kept him from being a unanimous selection across all of the All-America teams. I argued vehemently that it was wrong. The executive director (Steve Richardson, an old friend) immediately said, “You are on the committee next year and we will pick a tight end.”) There was a thought among the committee that the tight end had been downgraded as the spread had evolved. As you can tell by watching games, most teams are using a tight end again (except for Mississippi State).

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Thank you Clay for a very educational detailed description of how it works. You being a former committee member added a lot to it.

Another thought. I am thinking whether you are on these teams are not may indirectly or unconsciously influence a player’s draft position and could make a difference in the initial contract. We are all human beings that try to absorb all information and pick and choose. I don’t know, just not happy with Burks not making at least the third team.

I do not think NFL teams pay attention to All America teams.

I saw on ESPN today that Todd McShay has Burks going #30 to New England

Dane Brugler at The Athletic has him going 19th. A guy at CBS has him going 20th.

I have been told that somewhere between 15 and 25. I would bet that New England would love for him to fall that far. I don’t expect that to happen.

I chuckled when I looked at the Football Writers All-America team. No Jameson Williams. No Treylon Burks. If the men and women on that committee were picking sides, those two would be the first players they would take. If they didn’t, the team that got them both would beat their brains in. That’s always the mindset I had on that committee. Who would I take to be on my own team? Last year I kept saying, “The guy on that Alabama offense.” The year prior, “The guy on that LSU offense.” That’s regional bias on my part until you look at the draft.

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Wait til Burks runs a 4.45 at the combine and all will see what these idiots missed… couple that with impossible catch after catch and the NFL will make him a rich man. When you make a catch that seemed so impossible visually that your own team didn’t believe it and demanded a replay (which after the game was verified)… just another layer of brilliance to the best receiver in Hog’s history.

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Just hope he doesn’t go to the Cowboys. It will certainly ruin my Sundays.

We seem to get to see lots of Cowboys games. So that’s fine with me. Does not seem like Jerry drafts Hogs much. I know there have been a few, but I’m all for him drafting him. It would seem like they have other more pressing needs.

Oh I would love for him to go to the Cowboys!!