Anyway to watch or stream Hog/Horn game without LHN?

Any chance ESPN3 might carry it?

A poster on here so you could sign up for Hulu and then cancel before you got billed they have longhorn Network but you have to be in their area i thinkto get the games I believe.I live here in Mississippi when I click on to ESPN it said user error failed so I was not in the area. So looks like I will be listening to them

That was me who suggested it.
Last year I had PlayStation Vue and had the LHN.
I now have YouTube TV and don’t have it.
But an LSU writer did an article about using the trial subscription to Hulu TV, and it was an option in La. So I would think it would work wherever.

I will look into it…thanks

Unfortunately, I tried Hulu several months ago and decided to drop it to go with YouTubeTV & Philo. Is there anyone else who carries it that offers a free trial?

I’m going to try to find something to watch on LHN today and figure it out! I want to watch the our Hogs play the Horns.

Not that I know of
Maybe use someone else’s e-mail account?

I bet the Horn’s first baseman has been hitting the weights…

I called Hulu customer service and ask them if I could get the longhorn Network in my area code here in Mississippi and they said I could not so I guess I’ll just have to listen unless some other means opens up

I have noticed Longhorn games streaming on ESPN, so if you have a cable subscription you may be able to stream it there.

the only way you will Longhorn network is if its in an area code that offers it…Hulu has the LN but not in Ms.where i live.

Check on PlayStation Vue
I had it last year and got LHN here in Rogers.
In fact, I may sign up again with my wife’s info now.

If your provider doesn’t carry LHN you can’t. I was going to catch some of their game with TTech yesterday. Like Scott, I have YouTubeTV which doesn’t carry LHN and it would not let me stream it.

Play Station Vue works

I just pulled up the espn app and it shows Texas playing Texas tech on the Longhorn network at 9, so maybe there is a chance it will be available.

I just signed up for the five day free trial of Playstation Vue. You have to be sure to pick the third package. The first two don’t carry LHN. As long as you cancel before March 24, there is supposed to be no charge. I hear Hulu has the same free trial and LHN, but I tried Hulu last year, so I would not be eligible for it.

If you have UVerse as your carrier and you live in Arkansas, you have the Longhorn network, provided you have at least their U200 package. Never thought I’d ever watch the LHN, but it’s on as I’m posting this. It’s 1611 HD, or 611 standard.

I saw the same thing Sunday but when I tried to stream it it said “not available in your area” or something.

Same thing I got swine… my carrier doesn’t carry the longhorn Networkbut PlayStation Vue will show the games I got that this morning