Anything that leads you to believe anything other than 0-2

Just being a realist, but I don’t see anything that leads me to believe anything other than the harsh reality — the Hogs are about to go 0-2 at the Road Regional to end this season. Maybe 1-2 at best.

Been a great season, and it’s been a helluva run sitting at the top of the College Baseball elite these last few years.

I cannot wait to see what’s next in 2023. I suspect we’ll be back at the top.


We’ll likely play a four seed in game 2 and we’ve been excellent in midweek games.

At this point any W would be great. No expectations at all. But I’m not giving up.

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I wished we could some how win 2 and at least get to 40 wins for the yr

It’s all in the matchup. We could get a bad one and be home Saturday night. Or we could get a good one and stick around for a while.

I’ve seen a couple of projections sending us to Louisville. UofL ain’t that great. I could see us winning that regional if we get any hitting at all. Like us, the Cards were two-and-thru in the ACC tournament.

I’ve been thinking out of the box the last two days with an idea of switching things up. Would you start Brady Tygart? I’ve heard it said that he’s going to be a starter next year. Maybe he can’t go more than 50 pitches. So maybe that’s a dumb idea. What about Evan Taylor? Probably a dumb idea, too. What about Zack Cox? They have sometimes pitched better than the three starters.



Figure he would be better at the dish, but at this point what could it hurt?

I really hate getting to the end of games behind and bringing them in. Wasted.


At this point I don’t see us even having SPs. It’s once through the order and the next guy ready to come in.

BTW The Tygart family is under the impression that Brady is starting next year

Whoever realizes it is better to throw strikes than balls and then will proceed to do it.

if we can get ahead then Tygart is the only reliable closer type we have and we dont have a complete game ace ready to step up. Vermillion should have the arm but not the mind set so far to be a closer. Lots of doubt and not a lot to hope for a change to the better with what has been shown last half of the conference season. Wiggins needs to be a difference maker somehow. I’m hoping to host GA in Baum in the next round, but hey gotta have some weirdness happening this tournament. I don’t think we deserve to be in Omaha, but many times we deserved better than we got. I am channeling the leghumpers from Starkville for this year to repeat last year. I consider us under the curse of Manuel Warrior.

Nothing over the past three weeks makes me think better than 0-2, but this team also played 12 weeks before that. Why borrow trouble? Let’s play the games and see what happens. Must win the first two for a realistic chance.

Yup. Just play it out. You never know

I think Stillwater is a toss-up regional. I was shocked Oklahoma State got the No. 7 national seed. The Cowboys did not play well down the stretch.

Grand Canyon has beaten some solid Power 5 teams in midweeks this year. Missouri State is playing well.

Anything can happen this time of year. All you have to do is get hot for two weeks and you’re in Omaha.


Yes. That’s been mentioned many times that he will be a starter next year. I know Matt has written that more than once. Prob starting in early April.

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I kind of laugh when I read Zeb does not have mindset. It’s not his mind that sends his fast ball down the middle with no spin and it leaves the park. His technique does that not his mindset.

I assume you meant Zack Morris.

Zack Cox has no eligibility. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am bringing Zack Cox back to pitch. One of my all time favorites. Tying flies warped my mind!

Yes Morris. Good catch. I need a good referee to watch me.