Anything really guaranteed for post season?

Last year at this point — same record, 36-12.

Eerily similar talk about having a regional locked up, etc.

We dropped the last 2 series, got embarrassed at Bama in the finale, then went 0-2 at irrelevant Hoover.

And not even a Regional host, got sent to Stillwater for an early end to season.

Deja vu all over again if Hogs only win 2 of the last 6 ?

The big difference is the RPI this year compared to last

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Same record last year against a much easier schedule. Even after going to Omaha, our SOS finished at #26 last year. Right now it’s #12 and will go up the next two weekends to #5 per Warren Nolan.

Yep…RPI between the two years is completely different. Spent most of last conference season in the 20s. Had a high if 19 (according to Warren Nolan’s site), but was lingering around 30 at this same point. This year, Nolan has us at 5th in RPI.

Last year’s team really needed to wing both series against Vandy and Bama to even have a shot at hosting (which still would have been iffy). Bama’s RPI was around 45 last year when we played them. This year, USC and Vandy are 3rd and 6th. Doubtful we fall outside regional hosts, even if we’re swept. But we’d probably lose a national seed.

I think Arkansas would have hosted last year with a good showing in Alabama — Tuscaloosa and Hoover. That week killed any chance of hosting because of the RPI, which fell to 41st by Selection Monday.

The situation is much better this year because the non-conference schedule was better.

If the Razorbacks win either of the next two series, I think they will be a lock to host a regional. If they win both series, they should be a top-eight seed, and might be SEC champions.

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So if they win 1 in each of the next two series, might not host a Regional ? Unless they go 0-6, in my mind, they have earned a Regional and should get one – 2-4 against this top 10 opposition should = Regional in light of the entire body of work. I thought not getting a Regional last year was ridiculous, and the Hogs proved as such by getting within a whisker of the national title.

If they win one of these next two series and don’t get swept in the other, they should also be a top 8 seed. Carolina and Vandy are top 10 teams.

But, that’s my opinion, and I’m not on the selection committee. I’ve never been a fan of numerical models like RPI, but I’m not the one making the decisions.

And I know the response of many – just win and none of this matters.

Well… difficult to predict the committee, but we can predict (using the RPI Needs site) that with ONE (1) more win, we’ll clinch a top 8 RPI which goes a very long way toward being a national seed, never mind a regional host. We have already clinched a top 16 RPI even with 0-6, which should mean regional host.

Basically, because of the work we’ve already done winning 36 games against a top 12 schedule, a regional is a lock and national seed is extremely likely. And if we win the series against the Poultry, the national seed should be a lock.

The pitching is getting better. I think they will win some of the next six. Some meaning two or three. Maybe four. I don’t expect to see any sweeps. Either way.