Anything less than making the tournament

is a failed season for Arkansas and will be to me until the day I die.

Within reason of course for major injuries etc.

Been around too long and seen and remember too much program success.

Nice to see us getting our groove back.

Let’s get going down the stretch and start adding to our tournament appearances again.

Injuries already altered this season! Smith missed a few games after surgery.
While I always want to see our hogs play in the dance this season hangs in the balance. How many Q1 wins do the hogs have

Right now, one. Auburn moved up into the top 75 by winning yesterday so our road win there is now Q1. Okie Lite would be another one if we can pull that off next Saturday. Ole Miss at home would be Q2 (they’re 65th, one spot below Auburn).

We moved up to #32 in NET this morning, LSU dropped below us after getting slapped around by Kentucky in the Cat Battle.

Seems like there are more injuries around the SEC this year than usual or am I off on that?

For example, Bama is without Bruner, Auburn is without Powell, Tennessee without Springer, Florida without Johnson, Vandy without Disu, Kentucky without Clarke,

Disu is out due to contact tracing, not an injury.

Yes, but I think Army was implying missed games. At least I thought he was.

Definitely don’t agree that making the tournament every year should be the measuring stick on a season.
This team brought back really only one player that actually played to any degree. I knew there would be some hiccups as far as getting everybody to mesh together and
play as a cohesive unit despite the fantastic start.
I believe we can make the tournament, but I would not have been surprised If we really struggled in trying to get that many new players to play together and figure out roles and responsibilities. I think you have to look at season realistically on what you had coming back.

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I’d like to get back to that point where we can expect the tournament every year, but we aren’t there now. Get back in once, then we can work on making it a habit. If we stay healthy and take advantage of this portion of the schedule (three straight SEC home games) I’ll feel a lot more confident.

Teams that probably aren’t going to make the Dance this year: Duke. UNC. Kentucky. Michigan State. Tiger High. Some others are teetering: Virginia Tech, Louisville, UConn

The hogs are riding the fence to make the dance as well in my opinion. The Missouri Road game is one the Hogs need to win! Nothing is certain or set in stone. I just hope Smith’s injury is taken into account in looking at the Hogs losses in the SEC while he was out of the lineup.
Our Hogs will get to a point where they have respect nationally again it just takes time! CEM has shown he can keep top instate talent at home that’s
A major improvement over the past.

Need to get to the dance first to start any expectations.
But had we made the dance last year if the season had played out, what would we have expected this year after losing so many players.

Are you saying if Muss makes one tournament, then he is a lock every year from there?

We were in three of the five tournaments from 2015 to 2019. Missed 2016 because of counterfeit scandal and 2019 because we were the youngest team in the nation. Those things can happen. Cannot predict those.

That 2018-19 team had as many newcomers as this season, except most of the newcomers in 2018-19 were freshmen.

Good Lord PJ. Have to make it once first before it can become habitual. But Eddie made it nine straight years when it wasn’t 64 teams yet.

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I get your point now. I was looking at it from the Razorbacks point of view as a whole. Not just for Coach Muss. See what you mean.

Hey Jeff…read where Tiger High gave Penny a nice raise and contract extension this year. I’m thinking he knows too much…

I’d be willing to bet Kentucky gets in, they are starting to improve and play above the rim. I hope your right and Ky doesn’t make it, I absolutely can’t stand Calapari and Ky fans. WPS

Right now Muss and the Hog program are one and the same. Desi is the only Mike player left.

Ethan says Hi

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I agree with (what I think is) the point of this thread: A basic measure of a successful season is that the Arkansas men’s basketball team should make the NCAAT every year. \

Obviously, there are many factors involved in any individual season…… but making the Dance should be expected from this program every year. Time has proven that when you have the right coach, making the NCAAT is common, and missing it is the exception.

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Most likely scenario for UK to get in Tourney this year is to win SECT.

No more than he’s playing, he might as well be Garland who is also a Mike holdover.