Anyone worth poaching from Georgia or Missouri

Just thinking in this crazy transfer world that when coaches are let go, then the remaining players are open to be poached. I know they supposedly can’t be contacted before they enter a transfer portal, but it happens. Who doesn’t think our WR that went to Oklahoma or the two defensive players that went to LSU didn’t already know they had a landing spot. Contact happens.

That being said, anyone on Georgia or Missouri that might be a benefit to the Hogs? The only one I like on either team is that young freshman Brazile kid. He seemed to have good size and length and a motor that ran all the time.

Yes the Brazille kid would definitely be worth looking into. He is an incredible athlete who with the right kind of coaching could be a great player imo

i’d like about 1/2 of LSU’s roster. didn’t notice any obvious studs on GA or Mizzou’s roster, but they both played so poorly against us. Luckily for us, we have a HC who probably knows every human playing basketball, from 3rd grade up, from California to NY to Kazakstan, lol


I would love to see what Muss and staff could do with Kobe from Mizzou. That young man can flat out ball for his size.

I’d take Eason from LSU, but he’s going pro. Maybe Reid from LSU.

I don’t like to think about that. Cal probably already has all of the ones good enough to make an impact on speed dial.

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