Anyone worried about let down after big Florida win?

I only worry that we brought an A game last week and fear this week an A plus game is needed

I think it’s just as reasonable to assume we could be flat following a big win as it is to assume LSU will be following a big loss. So, yeah, I could see it. I’m glad we’re at home.

I’m not worried about that.

I don’t think a loss would be a letdown because LSU has a capable team. I think if Arkansas plays the same way it did against Florida, it will win.

Auburn was a letdown.

Nope. I don’t worry about that at all. If we lose, I don’t think it will be because we didn’t bring enough energy and effort. The Auburn lay down came after 7 consecutive games and a was the last of a 4 game murderers row. The off week should be enough for 3-4 game recharge.

November has been BBs best months since arriving you see his team get better

If that trend continues and he sweeps them all kudos to him & staff

Next up Ls who

Don’t worry about a letdown on Senior Night. Might be more concerned with trying too hard, which can be just as dangerous.

Agree, and as Snoutoff noted Coach B’s teams of recent vintage do not let down in November. I will be watching the game here in Baton Rouge with all others present being big LSU fans at a party at one of their houses. I’m taking an apple cake made from apples that I picked last week at Guy (Arkansas) as my good luck token. Fortunately the remainder of the food and elixir is furnished by them. Also fortunate that we get to eat (and perhaps imbibe heavily) before the Hogs put a whuppin on them yellar helmet boys, as they may run me off before I get to see the remainder of the game. How sweet it’s gonna be (again)!

I worry about turnovers and special teams. The quick scores are what we need to avoid. If we could have played Auburn early I think we beat that overrated bunch. We played them deep into the season with a lot of people beat up. I feel good about This match up against LSU. It should be a good game senior night ! They will be ready. Go hogs !!!