Anyone worried about heavy legs?

Short turnaround and our starting Guards logged a lot of minutes Saturday.

Of course I am concerned. They have not had enough time to recover so psychologically and physically they will not be able to play their best. This is a game the bench needs to play really well.

Didn’t Miss St’s Game start 2 hours after ours ended? I understand the worrying about minutes but our guys have four hours of rest on Miss St

I’m not worried about legs. I’m worried about the hogs staying focused on one game at a time. Our guards are among the best in the country when they are making shots. Moo U turns the ball over at a pretty high rate. If they allow fast break easy points we could build a lead. At the same time we need to take care of the ball.
Free throw shooting needs to improve and we need to stay out of foul trouble.
I’m calling for about a 15 point win.
The bench needs to score about 25 to 30.

No. They played at noon on Saturday. Three days off is plenty, especially this early in the season.


I don’t think that will be an issue. They had a full day off Sunday

Yes, but Miss State guys will sleep in their own bed tonight.

Also Mississippi State had an easy game while Arkansas had a very difficult game against Tennessee. Unlike Mississippi State, that took a lot out of us.

If anything that’s our advantage. That’s the reason coaches play tougher non-conference schedules to better prepare them for conference. We’ve already felt what it’s like playing against multiple top 20 teams and know the level we need to play at, Mississippi State hasn’t experienced that yet and you can’t simulate that at practice.

Think about elite athletes in other sports, like cycling. In a big event, like the Tour de France, cyclists ride 5-6 hours, no let up, then have to sometimes climb a mountain at the end of the day, then ride the same the next day, and the next day, repeat. In a three week tour, they may get 2 days off and they even ride an hour or so on those days. So, playing 30-40 minutes of basketball every 3-4 days plus practice, with a little bit of rest for timeouts, halftime, and substitutions, they should certainly be okay. Not saying that there isn’t an impact but I think the level of exertion it is more telling in the last few minutes of a game than in the next game three days later.

I don’t think 20 year olds are going to need “days to recover”. I’m sure they’ve had a very tough practice or two since UT. Nolan use to do it between NCAA Tourney games.

The problem will be the Hump, SEC refs (which almost always strongly favor the home team), and a pretty darn good MS St team.

I’d bet on a pretty long evening. Hope I’m over estimating all those things.