Anyone with Cox TV/internet

are you happy with it and is customer service good or bad? Is it better or worse than satellite?

I have it… the internet is fast (I avg around 125mbps with some 150mbps occurrences) but I’ve had some problems with the 5G connecting consistently and occasionally the speed takes a significant drop but usually self corrects - not always.

I’ve not had issues with the TV.

That being said, it’s pricey and I’m currently on a promotional rate for the TV service. When that expires at the end of next month I’m keeping the internet but dropping the TV and going with Hulu.

I’ve got it with 1Gig internet.

No complaints

Not to change the subject, but Del Mar opened today.

Yep… was having a conversation with a friend from San Diego earlier about that… man, I miss living there big time.

I had Cox for about 10-11 years and loved it, but dropped it because it just simply got to be too expensive vs. other options.

Where are you now?

I’m in NWA… had to move back for family reasons.

Been with Cox longer than I can remember. The internet service has always been fast and reliable, and we’ve seldom if ever had any issues with cable downtime. That being said, the cost is ridiculous.

You’ll be fine and you’ll get a great deal if you’re new customer and sign up for a 2 year promotional period. But watch out after that. It’s particularly bad in my neighborhood in E Fayetteville, where Cox is the only high speed provider. Cox knows they have no competition and they will not budge on pricing even for longtime existing customers. Ozarks Go is supposed to be available in or neighborhood this fall, and I intend to be the first in line to make the switch from Cox!

I have had Cox for 7 years and am pleased with their products, both internet and tv. The internet is fast and the tv is clear, with a variety of programming. The service is great as well. Its not cheap, running about $200 per month for everything. I am looking at other options as well, but have found nothing better. Whatever you do, do not try to get Direct tv at this time. Send me a private message , if you want and I can go over the Direct nightmare I had just recently when I moved into our new home.

I had Cox for TV and Internet for several years. I ditched the TV in place of Directv for a few but dropped that and went with YouTube TV back in January. I LOVE YouTube TV! 70+ channels, including just about every sports channel, all the local channels, and an unlimited DVR for just $50 a month.

In fact, for St. Louis Cardinals fans (in Arkansas, this won’t be the case in all regions) it’s an especially good deal because you get ALL the Cardinal games on Fox Sports Southwest Plus. I would have had to pay the highest tier on Directv to get their games.