Anyone who was there last night

What do you think the butts in seats count was at BWA? I saw someone tweet that they thought it was about 85% full, which would be 16K plus, but don’t know that that’s a reliable estimate.

I thought higher than that
Couldn’t see the upper deck behind me, but opposite looked full
I would say 17-18k

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Very few empty sits around me I think closer to 18k then 17K.

Ya I’m more in the 18k range myself.

I sit opposite of the student overflow in the upper deck. There were seats in the upper corners, but not many. They were packed for Kentucky.,Can’t see the UD where the paying customers sit, so I don’t know how full it was for LSU. My guess it was close to full. More than 85% for sure.

To me, I don’t think there’s any way there were 3,000 empty seats in the building Wednesday. I thought there was 18,000+. Midweek crowds were really good down the stretch of the regular season.

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I saw very few empty seats . I would say 90% full, if that low.

Maybe the butts in seats isn’t accurate, because from what I saw, there wasn’t much sitting down Wednesday night.

Thanks for the answers. I was hoping 85% was low. Actually I was hoping it was another Auburn, but the 8 p.m. tip probably took care of that.

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