anyone who calls out critics now, are the problem

For far too long there appears little appetitive from always positives to those who believe there may need be better plans to be a big in the SEC.

I hope there is room for some criticism without being called a not real fan for suggesting any anxiety.

We have to as a program improve talent.

This is not on any coaching personality.

We need a plan to overcome recruiting disadvantages so obvious since joining sec.

And we need to rationally discuss expectations.

I’m not interested in being a homecoming opponent in the sec.

Winning 8 is nice but should not be a goal.

If we recognize recruiting disadvantages it is not enough to spend as much as a big.

We have much more to overcome if we have a goal of being an sec big.

My fear is Administration does not share this goal.

Time to evaluate how we can become a big.

This is not about a coaching personality.

Nick Saban and Knute Rockne don’t man consistent top programs here.

Answer why and we can plan for being at the same top and dedicate resources within the law to getting there.

Interesting…let’s pretend you are Long. What steps would you take?

Invest five times the recruiting budget of the top teams in the SEC.

We are not starting as equals yet we think coaching somehow is our problem.

It is simply jimmys and joes.

1 to 1 recruiting budgets does not overcome our built in recruiting disadvantages.

Unfortunate but what is common denominator since joining SEC?

Get top talent like the bigs and we fix program.

Fact that we can’t fix is why we are where we are after two decades.

Not two games.

Two decades.

What would you take money from to spend 5 times more?