Anyone watching the practice Live Streams?

Curious what any of our armchair coaches think of practice so far …

I’m not even an armchair coach. Just know enough to be dangerous.

I’m worried about the pitching, but I don’t know if my concern is even relevant. I hear DVH talk about how deep they are in pitching, so maybe I just need to relax. But I haven’t seen much Friday night dominant type pitching.

On a side note about the streaming, does the feed look sort of fuzzy and definitely not high def? Not sure if my bandwidth is not sufficient or of the equipment being used in not the actual game broadcast stuff?

I think the original question was in reference to the basketball live streams that have been posted on Facebook.

As for the baseball broadcasts, mine looked OK yesterday. They are limited to one camera behind home plate for the series due to equipment being set up elsewhere on campus and some limitations related to the construction in right field.

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Doh. Thx.

I finally got around to watching the 50 minute Razorback basketball practice Saturday. (See link below). It was great to watch some live practice. The first half consisted of different drills, some I’d never seen before. There was a session of 3-point shooting. It was fast paced and a little hard to follow as to which individuals were standing out. I did notice Jackson has a really nice stroke and was hitting at a good clip. No one appeared to be on a long streak of made 3s. The 3 point shooting, probably by design, followed a lot of running, so there were some tired legs.

The last half of the practice was 5 on 5 in a somewhat scrimmage set up. Not true game conditions, but running lots of sets, etc. The most interesting thing I got out of it was each team’s personnel. No score was kept. They were made up as follows:

Red team started with - Tate, Desi, Williams, Smith, and Jackson. (Experience plus Jaylin?)
White team started with - Moody, Connor, Davis, KK, and Notae (mostly newbies?)

The only notable substitution was that Henderson split time with Williams on the Red team. Williams started and played about 10 minutes and Henderson got about the same amount of minutes to finish the 5 on 5 session. By the way, I thought Henderson looked noticeably better and more skilled than last season. It appeared to me (not certain) that was the only Red team substitution. The white team subbed in the #12-15 players sparingly. The only thing we might have a glimpse of, is who the top 11 players may be, which we probably already knew.

When Williams came out, the camera focused on him multiple times. He was on the sideline working with a coach on quickness, dribbling, and short range passing. He was making quick passes back to the coach, who was constantly feeding the ball back to him. Williams was really good with both agility and ball handling. The coaches were doing this with the other 4 guys who were only minimally involved in the 5 on 5.

It’s an interesting watch into how the coaches are preparing the team:


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