Anyone watching the Bama game?

I love the Razorbacks but

I hate to watch them lose

I now have no conflidence they are capable and of even defending themselves

I taped the USC game and went to my farm and worked to get ready for deer season

My review of the USC tape confirmed I did the right thing

I’ll do the same this weekend - I’ll go to the farm

Wake me up when the Razorbacks are Razorbacks again

Can we join you? We really don’t want to be in Tuscalooser this weekend.

Hell yes I’m watching.

No, I cannot bare to watch it. Hurts too much to see such a proud tradition ruined. Like you, let me know when Arkansas decides to play football again. they have not since FL last season and I see no way for that to happen this year. I hope to be putting up my last hay cutting Sat. Then it will be time to get ready for Ski Season. A Basin opens this Friday!

It really has not been the same getting ready for my weekend knowing the Hogs are coming on and thinking we have a chance. Now it’s like you just wonder how bad they will get beat and this week, will probably be the ol school take you out back behind the shed kind of beat down… I will be glad when the hogs get back to playing ball!!

Oklahoma probably thought something similar
about Iowa State. That blip on the radar turned
out to be a CYCLONE that obliterated national
championship dreams.

I know what it says on paper, but you gotta play the game. I will be watching.

I’m a Razorback through and through! I hate too see them lose as well, but they are my team! I love the Razorbacks win or lose!
I live out of State and I won’t be at the game, and I know they won’t see me or hear me, but I’ll be watching! Praying, cheering and supporting them the only way I can.

YEP! I will be watching from Tuscaloosa from the stands!

Of Course!!

No true Hog fan would not watch them
I’m sure your place on the band wagon can be filled and when they win keep your butt of it!!!

I’m going to watch because you only get twelve chances a year and I refuse to quit. I have zero expectations because we look lost at there now.

I will be at my farm also, but I will be watching. It’s an evening game, so I can go run stands and then be back by the time game starts! The cooler will be nice and cold and ready, which will be a necessity in this situation.

I will be at a Class Reunion.
I would say I don’t want to watch it
but I am sure I will be sneaking looks at Watch ESPN

I will be watching with little expectation, that we might show up and surprise everyone for playing well. We are all hurting and baffled by this team. I truly think this team has enough talent to compete with anyone in the SEC. But something is missing. The energy, the fighting spirit isn’t there. I remember BB’s first couple years’ teams fighting and losing. Everyone’s heart bleed for them, because they fought so hard. What I saw at SC, it was a shameful indifference that lacked Razorback spirit. We are not bad as football players, a bad psychology has overcome this team. We on the outside do not know what is going on in the inside.

I can remember the days when the defense would swarm to the ball. I haven’t seen that lately. Anyone else see this?
Or is it just me?


I questioned the idea to hire from within, on a historically bad defense. Thought we would see more pressure like we were told, looks like the same defense just now in 3-4.

You know - if it’s late I may tune in

If it’s going badly I’ll flip the channel and pray AA survives

I’ll probably watch because I just will. I might turn it off if it gets too ugly, but if they go down, I want to be with them. I hate to be such a pessimist, but I’m really hoping we’ll hold Bama to a 3 TD margin. I mean it. If we can lose by 3 TD’s or less, I’ll feel pretty good. But I could also see a 59-0 pounding. I hope not, but I could sure see it happening.

I will be very curious how you feel when the Bama strong sings “Rama Bama” to you at the end of the game.

I’m sure I won’t be feeling great. But we bought this tickets awhile back and I’m not bailing on them now. It will be fun to see the stadium and the best team in the country play.

I’ll stand there and root on my hogs no matter what!