Anyone watching K State vs Arkansas State?

I just watched A State line up to punt the ball from their own 25ish and immediately noticed they only had one person on the left side of the center. It was a crazy formation!! K State had 3 or 4 guys on that side and it was an easy blocked punt. Then 2 plays later TD for K State.

Never seen such a stupid lineup for a punt. Unreal. Almost as if they were begging for a blocked punt… well, thats what they got. Still shaking my head over that one.


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It was fake punt by Memphis last week that put a dagger in A St. Special team woes sounds all to familiar.

I like watching that team. They may beat KSU today.

Definitely holding their own

ASU is outplaying the Cats. Mistakes and not capitalizing on opportunities holding them back.

21-21 now.

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Layne Hatcher reminds me of John Stephen Jones. Small, not great arm, but a playmaker.

Red Wolves playing a great game. Awesome.

As much as I dislike ASWho, they appear to be the better team. Is that saying KSU is that bad or is ASWho that good? Don’t know.

Don’t like them. Will never like them. But got to give the devil its due.


C’mon K-State, get your act together!

No way. Gotta root for the Red Wolves. KSU mostly looks like a poorly coached Chad Morris team against a good North Texas type team. Dumb mistakes, etc.

How was Jonathan Adams ever a 2-star recruit? He is playing an incredible game.

Stud. Best college receiver in the state? Better than Burks?

He might be, but he is also two years older.

Recruiting evaluators, what can you say? He went to zero camps, outside of ASU’s, like the whole JHS’ team would, otherwise played AAU basketball in the summer. He didn’t even join the football team until after the first game his sophomore year. He was sitting in the stands for it, and asked Coleman on the next Monday if he could come out and join the team.

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KSU looked awful, but it’s hard to know if they’re that bad or not

Let me revise this. After this last, likely game winning TD throw, he has a better arm than JSJ. Wow. And Adams — incredible.

I will never be an A-state fan. That just can’t co-exist within my Razorback DNA. Might as well try to get me to wear burnt orange. Never gonna happen.

That being said, I can say I enjoyed the A-State v K-State game simply because it had a good down to the end finish. Regardless of who won, it was entertaining.

After my freshman year at UA Monticello I was accepted into Arkansas State where many of my friends were headed. In the meantime I met this beautiful girl that has been my wife for almost 50 years. So I stayed close to home at Monticello. With that being said I’ve never rooted for ASU and don’t support playing them. But I am a huge fan of Blake Anderson and I’m excited to see this big win for his team. So happy for the Red Wolves.

Blake Anderson is a class act. I’m glad to see A State win but I’m not a fan of the red wolves.
Mistakes by A State is the only reason the game was close!