Anyone watch this last night?

This girl is electric and special. If you love basketball and missed it, make plans to watch her in the Final Four vs South Carolina,

She was awesome last night.

I’ve seen her play before. She is that good. She grew up doing nothing but BB. Fun to watch.

She’s a female version of Steph Curry… she was bombing them from everywhere

Her triple double was wild but there’s another spot on the state sheet where she had 10
Or more that’s the turnovers.
Points, assists, rebounds all
Good but she doubled up of TO’s too.

yeah she tries to force too many passes,will get them smoked by SC if she tries that again

It was a great game with the exception of a few minutes late in the third quarter when Iowa pulled away enough that Louisville could not get back into it. Clark scored or assisted 38 of Iowa’s first 41 points. It was just incredible shooting and distribution through the first two quarters.

Hailey Van Lith of Louisville was good, too. She’s not on Clark’s level as a scorer — no one is right now — but she is a very good college player.

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My daughters and I watched it and she was wonderful. One of the great performances I’ve seen in basketball.

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Hailey was awesome in the previous rounds. She does have a swagger and is annoying to opponents.

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