Anyone want a transfer QB?

Fields is leaving Georgia

lets get him

Would he have to sit out a year?

I believe he would have to redshirt. he played in more than four games. I hear a great Kid. Lives in the subdivision across from us. I used to be pretty connected in the area but my kids are grown and gone. There will be lots of talk and if I hear anything noteworthy I will pass it along. He would fit CM program perfectly. I just don’t see it now. I hope I’m wrong.

Thank you Georgia. I understand about having kids that are grown and you get a little out of touch. That’s why I have kids spread out. My oldest daughter is 32 and my baby boy is 7.
I hope Justin Fields finds a team where he can get playing time.

I expected this to be Trevor Lawrence part 2, but Kirby and Chaney stuck with the starter, the little bit i saw of him, he was clearly the more dynamic option. May have been the difference in beating Bama and not, who knows, he will make someone much better in 2020.

I feel like Cliff Claven. Random information for you. You could have watched Justin Fields in the first half and watched Trevor Lawrence in the second half last year. The schools are that close. Also, Justin came from the same school system where Hunter Henry started playing before moving to Arkansas. Hunter was part of the under 8 basketball league I led that produced more than 10 kids that I know of that played D1 and several who played DII sports from football, basketball, baseball, tennis, Golf, track, swimming, and soccer. Most notably is Hunter, Ollie schniederjans who is on the PGA tour, and one who beat one of Michael Phelps swimming records while at Alabama. It must have been that excellent coaching we provided them (lol)

I would have thought someone would have taught you what causes that

Interesting side note to Justin Fields: Fields is the Georgia player to which Georgia baseball player Adam Sasser was referring in the stands at Sanford Stadium when he said “put the n***** in”. That widely reported comment got Sasser kicked off the team. It also, according to what I read, could lead to Fields getting a waiver to play immediately elsewhere due to that statement creating a situation where Fields believes his health and well-being would be jeopardized by remaining on a campus where such racist views are expressed openly. It is also true, I suspect, that anywhere he might go would have people with exactly the same open views, especially in the current national climate.

Have heard Ohio State

The three schools I saw mentioned was tOSU, FSU, and OU

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

The current National Climate…sly political statement by Swine the so called moderator :sunglasses:

Have also heard OU will pursue Jalen Hurts is he transfers…

University of San Francisco