Anyone take advantage of the early football renewal and donation plan deadline today?

I thought it was a pretty good deal, so I went ahead and did it. Saved $40 bucks on ticket processing and double priority points for paying the tickets in full early. Also got triple priority points on early donation with just a 10% increase. I was a first time donor and season ticket holder last year, so the triple points were pretty important to me.

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I didn’t increase my donation, but did the rest.

I did

I did. $40 to process something that requires nothing of them? No thanks.

I did, also

Did my duty. Disappointed that there are no more October games in Fayetteville after the 1st. October is the best month up there.

Yes. I wish they could have found a different date for the road game at BYU. It’s sandwiched between 2 SEC road games. But, at least we have our bye week after the BYU game before heading to

Hadn’t looked that closely at the 22 schedule. Three roadies in a row? Tough stretch but that means the rest of the slate is 7 home, 1 road, and JerryWorld. And the roadie is DorkwItz.

I did.


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