Anyone remember this?

I remembered this tonight because of all the talk of Jordan Jones being one of the fastest Hogs.

Almost four years ago. … akes-tack/

It would sure be great to see his potential fully exploited this year. The line has to give the quarterback just a couple of extra seconds, or maybe some trickeration to get the ball back to the QB. Is it foolishly optimistic to hope with all of the weapons we will field, and an improved line, the offense, including Jones, should be much more productive?

That speed is just part of what makes SEC football dominate. We have not had enough team speed to compete since 2012. Our record reflects that. Job one is to continue to recruit speed.

I mentioned my disappointment in another thread about JJ not making much of an impact lately. In fact I wondered if he was still around.
We saw some flashes early on when he arrived, but don’t know what all has happened since.

I sure miss the type of change of direction capabilities that Joe Adams had. A catch on the field wasn’t always followed by an immediate tackle. He could juke and pivot, while moving forward; I haven’t seen this in several years. Maybe Morgan had a bit of it, but he seemed to lack the immediate high end gear that separated. Adams could make you miss him.

Jordan goes down easy. Joe was like catching & tackling a small greased pig (no pun intended). But he could juke & slither thru an abundance of would be tacklers.

I still remember Adams punt return against TN. It made the ESPN highlights for that day. I think he reversed about 20 yds. and then ran all the way for a touchdown ! I think he must have run 120 yds. unbelievable!