Anyone remember the Florida game

In Fayetteville when Tony Cherico raced across field after the officials. If that was today he would have suspended at least 1/2 of next game. By the way his defense at Bentonville High is unbelievable this year!

No but i seem to remember Tony Bua doing jt

Tony Cherico played in the SWC era. Never played against Florida. But he did play against Ole Miss and against Georgia in a bowl.

Well at least I got the first name correct!

Do remember what year that was?

October 18, 2003.

It was Bua. He said Nutt gave him the business Monday for chasing the refs.

I would imagine so. Even if the refs were wrong which they probably were players don’t do that coaches do.

only Florida that I remember was the Marc Curless crew game which should be re-visited for this crew. My wife was pregnant at that game time, so maybe there was a valid reason for not watching on my part. Bua fits the scene. Congrats to Cherico, and I bet his kids are weight room warriiors.

The refs are lucky he didn’t catch them…

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