Anyone other than me think that Graham needs to be playing more?

Seems as though he can put the hurt on the zone taking the ball to the hoop as well as he does

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I’ve been a supporter of his all year but the real truth is he’s just so inconsistent it’s hard to put him out there anymore than we’re doing. I don’t think he has played well anywhere but home is another thing I think that is hurting him. I love what I saw from him defensively last night as well as offensively so I am definitely not giving up on him because he is a very talented offensive player it just needs to bring it a whole lot more than he’s been doing.

In the first defensive possession you can see if he is going to play or not. His offense happens
Most of the time but he is up and down on D. The hogs will need him to step up and play well especially closing out the regular season. Maybe he finds the magic

It depends on how big and good the other team’s 4/5s are, and whether Graham is going to have to play them head-to-head. Graham’s offense does not translate well against true fives and big fours that are even average defenders. He’s improved a bit on defense, but he’s hardly a lock-down defender against guys his own size, and he does not defend well at all against bigger players.

On the other hand, when we play teams with personnel like LSU put on the floor last night, he can be very productive. He also appears to be gaining confidence, which is a good thing going forward.

The real part about Graham’s defense is not so much in the half court but that he does not turn and run to get back on defense as hard as he should some times. If you watch his guy will beat him down the floor and that is when he gets pulled.

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He played 17 minutes last night. How much more are you looking for? I think Muss has started to let him play thru some defensive mistakes. Last night his shot off the post moves, wasn’t falling.

No choice but to play him. Kamani gets in foul trouble and seems to be watched closely on his shoves around the basket. On Mitchell is out, the other gets two quick fouls. There you have it, Graham is in.

And wouldn’t you agree that most teams are made up of very similar personnel? Positionless BB

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Consistency may very well be his biggest issue and he may not be going all out in practice so who knows other than Muss the reason for his playing time. WPS

Graham is still weak on the defensive end. I do not see him anticipating and reaction times are slower because of this.

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Got a feeling a guy like Graham could be a big key in the Baylor game. A guy the Bears would probably overlook. If he contributes, he could open things up for guys like Black, Walsh, and Council.

Graham and Pinion both need more playing time IMO, but Muss knows this team much better than I do.

I have not taken any teams to consecutive elite eights… I will go with the minutes he is dishing out.

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According to muss that depends on whether we need offensive rebounding. If we do, Kamani gets those minutes.

He was +20 last night, so according to analytics he should continue to get increased playing time… if he stays on the + side of the house he should be ok.

I’d say that the Mitchell twins are true 4/5s and Kamani is an undersized 4 brawler.

Graham is not quite a position-less guy because, while he moves without the ball well, he does not handle the ball well enough to slash to the basket while defended or be a distributor from the outside, and as of now the three point shooting is more than suspect.

Walsh, Council, Black and to a lesser extent Devo are the position-less guys. Pinion might be that kind of player eventually on offense, he’s shown a bit of ability to drive to the basket and distribute off of drives. Unlike Devo, who has really quick, active hands, Pinion does not have much ability at the moment to switch onto a big inside and hope to do anything but foul or get in the way. Pinion is starting to do a bit better on doubling guys inside to force turnovers, one of the keys to our defense. If Ford sticks around he could develop a similar role to Devo.

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