Anyone On Here Speak Wally?

I usually don’t read Wally’s reports because I always have the feeling he is always presenting some agenda. And often it is veiled.
I broke that trend today because I thought he had some insight into what Jeff Long is going through. After reading his article I have no idea what the point of the piece was.
LSU media understood the behavior of Long because why? The Arkansas media knew what and why?
That was followed by rambling about Long being on the field catching passes and somehow tried to sell that that might have been offensive to LSU fans for some unknown reason.
Finally we got a recap of what has, may and may not be happening in the SEC and what I THINK was the point of the entire story. He got a chance to put Arkansas in a list of teams that might be looking for a new head coach. So other than to take a veiled shot at CBB I can’t figure out the value of him even using the energy to type. Yes Wally we all know we might be looking for a new head football coach at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.
How he has stayed in the business this long I have never figured out. He must push the agendas of the person who forces his editors to add Fayetteville to every mention of my university for what are clearly political reasons and in that way Mr. Hall fits in. To me his writings always smell of agenda with very little true inside information. His name should be Wally Spicer.
So if anyone speaks Wally please let me know what this latest effort was meant to tell us.

I had the same thoughts. What the hell was the article about and what was his point?

Mr. -all has been the way you described for years. I know that because I quit reading him many, many years ago. He is is last place amount sportswriters in Arkansas. IMO

I do read him although have lived out of state for decades.

He appears to ride populist waves and exploits the obvious as a pile on.

He seems to relish class warfare and invokes days past as if Arkansas economy has not changed since the 70s, and he seems to have little appreciation of what it really takes to compete at high national levels.

In the end he seems to plant weeds so he looks good pulling them - and always with a slant towards minimizing the U via demeaning it referring to it as a city to give it less prominence than it has had.

Seems if he had his way he would go back to days of black and white TV sets and a program prior to integration instead of invoking a vision of national competitiveness in the modern era.

His hatred for a stadium expansion for 1960s style class warfare arguments is symbolic of the small thinking that keeps program from advancing.

Wally doesn’t report news or editorialize, he pushes his agenda with sly little comments. He doesn’t like Long so he makes fun of him catching passes on the field “long” before the LSU game. He adds a little shot (again against Long) that the UofA-Fayetteville president will NOW be involved in all hiring and what a good thing that is. He pretends that “his bosses” force him and all other sports writers to add Fayetteville to the UofA when they are obviously writing about the Razorbacks when he was instrumental in getting that old, forgotten, abandoned, policy re-instated. He likes Malzahn (shares a religious affiliation with him), Long hates Malzahn, so Wally pokes fun at the idea that the next coach of the Razorbacks is rumored to be demanding that Long stay as the AD. What he is really demeaning is the idea “that Long may stay as the AD.” Wally is a little man who enjoys tearing down successful people and who leaps at the chance when very successful ones struggle. I think he is still traumatized over Bobby Knight publicly calling him out and making his mother cry. As newspapers continue to diminish in power, he is like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz, lashing out randomly while melting away. JMVVVVVHO.