Anyone on here have AT&T Fiber? If you do, got questions...............

…since they have torn up my sidewalk and front yard installing the cable and are supposed to start offering “great deals” real soon. I am thinking about getting the “up to” 1,000 Meg download speed and unlimited data option for $80/month.

  1. If you have it, what speed do you actually get most of the time?
  2. Have there been “deals” if you bundle Direct TV Now with the internet?
  3. I am considering cutting the cord, dumping my Direct TV satellite, and streaming plus HD over the air antenna for local stations. If any of you have done this, what DVR do you recommend? I am looking at Tivo and Tablo right now and there appears to be more coming soon since this is a growing market.
  4. I am looking for one remote, one DVR, that accesses all of my TV sources (HD antenna local stations, DirectTv Now, Hulu, SlingTV, etc.) on one screen guide, does commercial skipping, and can record 2-3 things simultaneously. Anyone got a good system for all of that to recommend?
  5. Is what I want realistic? I am getting the impression that SlingTV and others only work with their own cloud based DVRs and will not play nice with a separate DVR that includes the over the air antenna feeds and other streaming services. Is that true?
  6. If you have the “up to” 1,000 meg download, does YOUR ESPN3 feed freeze a lot like it does now on my much smaller download feed?

Pardon the bump. I am just hoping for some information.

I think Wi-Fi came from an advanced alien world.

I have att fiber but not the 1000 megs. My speed I’d between 30 - 40. Att wanted me to go to Direct, since they now own it, They offered unlimited data for the same price as I was paying for 20 megs if I switched. I stayed with dish since I have dish in 2 other locations. I just upgraded my TVs to 4K and all my tvs can stream. I just streamed our game to my new 65 inch Sony with no problems at the above mentioned speed.

I like your plan but don’t know any about stand alone DVRs. I have a dish hopper3. It can record 16 programs at once. I’m looking to football season when I can watch 4 games at once on my 65 inch Tv. The hopper 3 allows 4 pip. I know I will pay a lot more than what you want to do. Right now I’m staying with dish.

Let us know if your plan works.

I just switched to ATT fiber at 100 Mbps, and it usually runs at about 120 or so. Watching the game last night, ESPN3 was still choppy. I am on Uverse, so cannot help with the streaming questions. I have been reluctant to cut the cord, mostly because I am too lazy to figure out all of the issues you are asking about. But also because I heard somewhere that with everyone cutting the cord and the new net neutrallity laws, providers are probably going to start throttling streaming for systems that are not part of their network.

I don’t know if it matters to you, but the great thing about going to fiber for me is that the upload speed also runs at about 120 Mbps. I have to send and receive large drawing files for work all the time. The change in downloads from 18 Mbps to 120 is great, but the change in uploads from about 2 Mbps to 120 is just incredible.

I just moved my office to my house and am now a one Architect firm with cloud collaboration with a spec writer in Los Angeles, two other Architects in a nearby town, and a retired construction superintendent who makes construction inspections for me a few times a month. I am manually backing up right now but plan to setup a nightly cloud backup system which will mean huge uploads regularly to back up my network, so the unlimited data and high capacity are critical for setting that up. So, the 1-TB internet and unlimited data are office expenses and I will just piggyback onto that for my home internet and TV streaming. What kind of files are you uploading?

So far, YouTubeTV appears the closest to a complete package for us EXCEPT they don’t offer the History Channel, HGTV, Food Network and a few other channels we dearly love. I wanted everything in one package but may have to live with an additional system for those missing shows.

I am an engineer specializing in impact resistant storefront and curtainwall in south Florida. Mostly I work for glazing installers, providing the engineering and shop drawings they need for permitting. I also work with manufacturers providing the engineering they need to get their products approved by Miami-Dade or through the State system. You obviously deal with even more data transfer than I do. I considered going to 1 TB, but decided it wasn’t worth it for what I do.

On the streaming side, it seems like you have spent quite a bit of time looking into it. How much do you think you will save over standard cable or one of the dish packages? What kind of reception do you get with the HD antennas and how far are you from the towers?

We pay about $150 per month now for internet and DirectTv’s 200+ channels including the SEC Network. I think that breaks down to $45 for internet and the rest for cable. I am looking at $80 for the 1TB internet and at least $40 for something like DirectTV Now or YouTubeTV. If you add tax and fees to that, there will not be much savings, but at least half of the very much improved internet is an office expense so it is not apples to apples. We are on a hill in Little Rock so antenna reception will be fine. DirectTvNow will need the antenna and, I think, YouTubeTv won’t. There is more to it that I am still not sure about. If I go with YouTubeTv, they have most of the shows I want including local and they have an unlimited storage cloud DVR for free. That is great but what do I do if I stream History, HGTV, Food Network, etc. for recording or commercial skipping on them? Do I buy a stand alone DVR just for those shows and expect my wife to know how to switch back and forth? That sounds like big trouble to me. So far, I have not found an exact replacement for the DirectTv Satellite programming and its one remote guide. I can’t wait to end the shut down during storms constantly with the Satellite. We are on a hill, clear shot at the south sky, and we lose the signal during every thunderstorm. I thoroughly enjoy running into DirectTv salesman in Walmart or Sams and loudly telling them I can’t wait to dump mine because of the thunderstorm shutdowns. When they always claim there must be something wrong with my installation I then tell them that my neighbor, my father, and my sister all have the same problems. They usually run at that point so the other folks in the store won’t hear anymore.