Anyone noticed

Our vaunted freshmen wide receivers, and they are good, especially Knox and Burkes , game 4 and they are already in green jerseys, or have sat out a game. Woods last year as a true freshman missed time with injuries. Just goes to show you how tough college football is to high school. Hope we can keep them alive. I’ve wondered why we were still heavily recruiting receivers and it’s obvious. When these guys are juniors, if they are able, how good they will be with depth behind them.

But I expect we will see more of this. Getting their feet wet this year but also taking the bumps and bruises of college and especially sec west football. Depth, quality depth will take some time to build.

Yes that is good point. I also noticed at the game last weekend how many Arkansas players were hobbled and limping around. Some were true freshman but also the older guys as well. Matter of fact, the best hits that were delivered were from SJSU…and of course some of our guys were nicked up having to make tackles and break up wedge on interceptions, hated to see Starkel and Boyd having to stop interception returns, easily could have knocked them out for season.

So hear you on freshman receivers, but I still can’t believe how SJSU was the dominant, tougher team.