Anyone missing Jimmy Whitt?

And his 50,000 moving parts FT shooting style? Me thinks Macon for Whitt was a major upgrade.

hahaha Jimmy never had a chance in d1 after giving himself that nickname

Whitt’s problem wasn’t making FTs. He converted 79%. His problem was getting to the line - 11.5 min per FTA as opposed to 6 min per FTA for Macon. Arkansas currently has 8 players <= 10 min per FTA.

15-post penalty for Methinks usage. Agree with the post, though.

I think we now see why the door didn’t hit JW in the rear on his way out.

I was a big Whitt fan until I saw him play.

Completely unforced turnover caused by lack of focus. I’m not even a methinks kind of guy. I hate methinks. In addition to the 15 post penalty, I will self impose punishment to be dealt with internally.

Stadium steps at 6 am in the snow…

Don’t forget you are suspended from the first half of a post in the Hawg Lounge.

A pity he chose to leave. I would have preferred that he remain at Arkansas. Perhaps he wasn’t doing as well as he hoped.

Jimmy Who!!!

He may have seen the writing on the wall. With Macon and Barford coming in, his minutes would diminish considerably if he didn’t find a good shot mechanic and up his game.

Won’t be taking any of Shake Milton’s minutes at SMU

Yeah I’d say the KeVaughn Allen v Jimmy Whitt debate is pretty one sided at this point