Anyone know what's wrong with the log in to

I am in Little Rock and have a Democrat-Gazette subscription. I have always logged into to see the daily paper. Now it sends me to the site and when I try to sign in, it times out. The format is entirely different now. That would be fine if I could read my paper. Anyone else have this problem?

This is tied to the issues we are having as a result of the power outage earlier this week. I can assure you that our IT staff is working through the night to get it corrected.

does this have anything to do with why I cannot access this site on my mobile devices?

I know computers are insane frequently, but how does a Northwest Arkansas power problem cause my log in to a central Arkansas main site for that paper go to the NWA version of it? It is just different enough to be irritating. I easily got in at the office after failing to log on at home. This is OK except the NWA version sometimes “publishes” without central or south Arkansas articles that end up in the Little Rock version of this paper. This is wierd.

The problem was in downtown Little Rock. With a computer it makes no difference where you are its all about where the Servers are that the Website resides on. All of the ADG is hosted on Servers in downtown LR.

The server for the forums is in Fayetteville. It is unaffected. But the other servers are in Little Rock. The power outages and surges did a number on the Little Rock servers. There has been a lot of manpower put on fixing everything.

Clay/Matt - I can’t access the main page of the website. I can get to the index forums page ok but nit the cover page of While Hog Sports.

Yes, it is causing issues on all devices.

The main page is what is being affected by the server issues. I’m working around that by posting the stories from the front page to the message board. It’s not ideal, but at least it allows subscribers to read the content.

If you are looking for the digital edition of the newspaper, click here: … fault.aspx