Anyone know what this statue is?

it was in a photo gallery for bowfishing on Okeechobee, looks awesomely ferocious. I don’t know who, what, where of why:

JFB in Heaven.


Universal Orlando, Harry Potter area:

maybe pigs can’t fly but flying Razorbacks takes it to another level, GHG!!!

Hog Gargoyle.

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Perfect. I loved that old Gargoyle movie and I believe even a short run TV series. Now you got me hunting to see if I can find a place on TV, netflix, etc for a replay.

Why, that’s Pigasus, or course…



well done Wiz!

I wonder if any of you remember a shirt with a similar image back in the day, when Lou Holtz was our coach…having lived in Texas virtually my entire life (that I could remember), it was 1982 until I got up to Fayetteville for a game in Razorback Stadium (I had seen the Hogs in Texas several times, the first of which was 1966).

I recall my first visit to what I named the “Hog boutique”…the spot in the bookstore with all of the Razorback shirts, hats, etc. I was literally in “Hog Heaven”. I purchased 3 or 4 shirts, and a couple of hats (hardly saw ANY Razorback attire in the Dallas area, so stocked up!). I don’t remember all of them, but my favorite was a picture of a Razorback…similar in pose to the Hog jumping through the A that we still wear from time to time on our Basketball uniforms…only this pig had wings on it.

It carried a label of “Pigasus” and underneath the image of the Hog was a tag line…something like “Pigs really DO know how to fly”, or something similar.

Wish I still had the shirt, but it would be 2 or 3 sizes too small if I did. I used to wear it on my daily 5 miles runs (at the time).

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