Anyone know what happened to

the LSU college football TV schedule site? Can’t find it.

It was the best place to go for the TV schedule for college football games.

I think Youdaman might have referenced that site before.

Yeah it’s the best IMO.

Thanks man. I usually could google it and find it. Not sure what’s up

Well @RichardDavenport, you could have used this (Note the College Football TV Schedule item.)

Pin this site for us Marty.

Ahem. It IS pinned on the front page. It is the second link on the right side of the page.

You would think after all these years … Oh never mind. :smile:



Why cant I listen on the Arkansas Game day app

The only trouble that I have ever had with the Arkansas Game Day app occurred when I didn’t have enough high speed data available. AT&T throttled me down last weekend because I had used up my data. When I am using WiFi, there is no problem.

What happens when you try to use the app?

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