Anyone know anything about Harber

Having to forfeit 3 games which knocked them out of playoffs.

Their running back was ineligible because he did not live in the district, so they had to forfeit the wins in which he played. He did not play in the team’s first win because he was ejected from the game the week before, and he did not play in one of the conference games.

Har-Ber would have had to have beaten Fayetteville last night, then had Heritage beat Rogers to make the playoffs. Rogers won and made the playoffs by virtue of its one on-field win and the win over Har-Ber via forfeit.

It was a weird dynamic at the Har-Ber stadium last night. I was there because I call the FHS games on the radio. Har-Ber went into the day thinking it could be the No. 3 seed in the conference with a win, and it ended the day with the season coming to an end because of the forfeits.