Anyone have any knowledge of Elauna Eaton recovery progress

She plus Wolfenberger should be able to slide in and replace what we are losing for Mike Neighbors.

To bad we cannot bring our coaches into the game as players with Plum and Osahor on the bench. Osahor is exactly what kind of recruit Mike needs to find again. Maybe I am missing it and it is evident in parctice, but Oberg and McGehee seem like they will never be SEC inside players of merit. Nor will Barnum and Thomas unless the game is wide open kind of like Loyola Marymount in their glory days. We do have the speed and athletes to thrive if the game ever devolves to that level, but it is the SEC and we are gonna be fun to watch and find it hard to overcome fundamental inside game.

We lose Dungee, Ramirez, Slocum, Mason and Thomas. That is a lot of experienced top talent.

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McGhee seems to heavy to run in mike’s style of play. Maybe she can lose some for next year. Oberg just doesn’t seem to be able to play SEC ball. Of course, if you only get 1 or 2 minutes a game, when will you learn to play SEC ball. You have to get minutes to learn how to play better, not warm the bench.

I look for Barnum 6’2" C, Wolfenbarger 6’5" F/G,Eaton 6’ G, Davis 6’ G, and Daniels 5" 9" PG. He has a 6’3" post FR. from OK. coming and a FR. 6’2" G/F also from OK. coming. He has a 5’8" PG Fr. coming from Fla. McGhee 6’2" So. next year and Oberg 6"3" Jr. both F/C. Hughes 5’7" Jr. G next year as a walk on. It would be nice to get a good transfer from another SEC school.

both Oberg and McGehee play shorter than their stated height without a lot of skill or positioning to take advantage of their mass. Oberg has lost weight although not like Dungee. Osahor was big, wide and dominant on the boards if she could work some Washington magic on either or both. Barnum is such a bad foul shooter that she will have to dramatically improve that to be effective inside and work up and under like she now does. The other 5 star from Bentonville would have been the crown jewel of recruiting for what we need, water under the bridge.

I don’t have an update on Eaton, but we’ll work to get one.

They might all leave, but all are eligible to return next year.

Yes. Another poster reminded me that basketball gets another year too. I think Slocum, Mason and Thomas would be good candidates to return. And Tate and Jackson on men’s side. Awesome.

The players many of us covet for Mike’s team are darn hard to find. Its like a 6-5x 330 DT who can play stand up DE also. His system reminds a bit of Muss’ system - a big, slow player clogs up defensive rotations and movement on offense. He just needs taller players who are versatile. He got height at the sacrifice of quickness and touch. That will fix itself going forward, I think. Yes, hate it that we lost the players from Bentonville. Maybe we pick up the player from Springfield, MO. She is a good one.

As far as Eaton, told her rehab is going great. The doctor has said everything is healing well.

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