Anyone got

The new HI yet…figured it be here by now???

I have been expecting it every day this week but haven’t seen it.

Main reason I stopped taking the magazine a few years back. They were always so late arriving I already had most of the information from other sources and when they did arrive they were so beat to he11 it just pissed me off.

I never understood why the handling process that was used was tolerated to be so brutal to the mags.

Yep. Got it a couple of days ago in Tulsa.

Got mine today Nashville, Tn. Busy today so will probably read it tomorrow evening.
An older ex-rocker here as many of you probably are and old rockers never die as they say.
So… I’m really looking forward to finally seeing Pink Floyd’s founder from back in 1965 or '68.
oh my I forgot which date the article said already tonight at the Bridgestone Arena.
Rock on Roger Waters.

Mine arrived in Chattanooga today.

Hmmm,…so Tulsa and Nashville yes but N. Little Rock no…???

Received mine in Hot Springs Village several days ago.

I’ve read all the content on the board by the time I get it so I hardly ever read the magazine.I usually take them to work so some of the guys at work that don’t follow the hogs like I do can read it

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Got mine in eastern NC yesterday.

There is nothing in this magazine that has been on the website. It is 48 pages of content unique to this issue.


My mailman seems to read mine before I get it. Usually a day later than most. :joy:


Have not received mine in NWA yet. Are some of you that have received it paying for the first class postage?

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I’ve not received mine in NWA yet either… but that’s not unusual… I think I only get about every other one.

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Still waiting in BENTONVILLE for crying out loud!

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I have not gotten mine in Norfork. I don’t recall getting one this late before opener. I know when it was printed. So USPS is horrible.

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Someone is looking into this.

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I mail stuff across the country and it’s crazy how inconsistent the PO is with their service.

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Thanks Matt. I don’t receive mine until Fridays many times during the season. I’ve talked to the post office here in Springdale and they say it’s probably the sorting facility from the origination point.

The Northwest Arkansas mags are drop shipped to the Fayetteville second class bulk plant. It should be fast in Fayetteville and Springdale.